Pokèmon Battle Revolution Preview

The Pocket Monsters journey from your DS to your Wii in Pokèmon Battle Revolution, the fifth installment in Nintendo's strategic beat 'em up series.

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consolecrusader4185d ago

I can see this selling least 5 million copies

Robotz Rule4185d ago

Pokemon is still very popular in Japan and here in the US as well!
I predict the same as well!

Pheneus4185d ago

but I hope it implements the friend codes system in a less militant style and runs faster on their servers than the Japanese version. The reviews of that are horrible. Apparently the servers are deathly slow and there is no way to add friends from your ds title aside from asking them through chat for their wii number, nor can you communicate with randoms that you battle through their random battle system. You have to have a way of communicating with them outside of the game, and there is no way to directly do that. Thus far the Wii doesn't even have the basic voice chat the DS does...

ITR4185d ago

Well when it was tested was it tested in the US?

Because I know when you use the DS Opera browser inside the US it's slow as hell but in Japan it's alot faster.

Also I don't believe they were using GameSpy servers back then. GS was only announced a few months ago.

Voice chat can die. Who wants to hear someone saying F bombs every 5 seconds.

You can get lists online off all people wanting to play. Cube3 is listing friends and so is wiipals and few other sites.

But I rather play random folks and not listen to them smarting off.