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Nation of Gamers report:

"I was looking through the top referrers for the website today, and I found something I hadn't heard of before. is a user driven website dedicated exclusively to gaming news. It's very similar to the very popular, however it's rating system works on a different kind of scheme, as opposed to an article rating being represented by number of diggs, it's more like degrees of hawtness.

Not only this, they have a unique comment engine where users are initially granted 5 comments per news item, but can gain more or less available posts depending on how other users rate their remarks.

Personally, I think that the site is far handier than considering there is an obvious lack of gaming news over there. At, there is an overwhelming amount of information that is easily broken up into article categories, gaming sysytems, and of course you can sort them all by hawtness.

This isn't really meant to be an advertisement, but I had never heard of the site before, it's definitely going in with the rest of my daily bookmarks. Anyone interested in gaming news at all should check it out once in a while."

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Marriot VP4237d ago


1. Making Bubble rating like engadget where you don't have to go through a dialogue box, you just click once and the page doesn't reload or anything

2. Let profile pictures enlarge when you go to a profile because some have writing that you can't read. (minor)

3. (This is kinda drastic) Perhaps to spiff out the website you could allow links to the pictures/videos that would drop down the picture once clicked. When you click the tab the page doesn't reload, but extends around the media. Kinda of what facebook has with youtube videos. This would make "sharing" more common.

Compliments - Pending news is no longer a nasty mess


I feel suggestions are more valuable than butt kissing :)

Diselage4237d ago

If your really have a suggestion you should probably post it in the forums. It'll actually get noticed by admins there.

sak5004237d ago

Good to hear good news about this site from others. Hope he doesn't read the fanboys comments. There should be a way to root out fanboism from this site. Some really retarded people are allowed to comment which makes utterly no sense. They should be banned from posting so that we have good healthy arguments not some schoolyard fights.

kingboy4237d ago

hahaha! look who`s talking about fanboys ,anyway just glad dusty & his team are doing a magnificent job..damn! give a brother some bubbles will ya

SmokeyMcBear4237d ago

hey kettle.. you are black

Darksage4237d ago

As I said in the actual article, I just found the website and haven't had much time to really become familiar with all of the features good and bad here. From my first impressions, I'm quite pleased though.

As far as sak500's comment about fanboys being banned, I can understand where you're coming from, however it would be counter active to the website's user driven system. People always deserve a second chance. Now if they could make it so fanboys comments were "frozen" after so many people rated their comment badly... that would be cool, no pun intended.

XxZxX4237d ago

Congralulation to everyone.

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The story is too old to be commented.