XBL Radio ver 43.0

-Console Wars: Is it time to pull out?
-Carpal and Tog discuss the halfway mark of a big launch year:
-Is Nintendo really dominating sales?
-Did the PS3 bankrupt Sony?
-Is the ELITE the only thing in the BLACK for MS?

-Blizzard announces new game in store. Will it WOW gamers?
-Call Of Duty 4. This time it's personal. err I mean present.
-Tomb Raider Anniversary edition. The game is lasting Longer than Jolie's relationships.
-GameTap to sell games versus subscription only. Will it lure gamers away from the Marketplace?

-Virtual Tennis 3: It's 1080, it's fun, but is it worth a purchase? Carpal tells us why this games mini-games is worth the play.
-Arcade Treasures: Tog cools his jets with JET PAC Refueled. Carpal flips for the PINBALL FX.

The Marketplace Minute: GUI J is joined by Rusty Ranchero to tell us all about the marvelous Marketplace. The New GOW Maps, the new Demos, and EA for free eh? Tune in to find out! All this and: Console Crimes: A Teacher get fired for a Myspace Photo. (That's her up there in the Pirate Hat) arrrrrrrrg! Useless Tips and Games for GIs: A charity for our troops.

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Keep eating your big macs, nothing to worry. Damage is already done it seems.