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Submitted by TriggerHappy 3201d ago | news

Playstation Store Update Was Just Maintenance

Awaited by the owners of PlayStation 3 all the evening, the famous update of PlayStation Store European was in fact a maintenance and the shop does not contain anything more than the new trailer card of Gran Turismo HD devoted to Nissan Xanavi Nismo Z. Yes, it is well little, especially when one with the good idea to create an American account to see what there is beautiful on other side of the Atlantic… We await the true new innovations in the days to come! (PS3)
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Shadow Flare  +   3201d ago
oh crap
if this is true then this sucks. Royal
Fisher339  +   3201d ago
Weren't just changes in the interface promise for today?
I think i remember that other topic just saying that the interface was going to be change today. people assumed that we were getting more and more demos.
TriggerHappy  +   3201d ago
millions of ps3 owners to get really mad tonight. The best thing to do is to wait for the official word from sony in regards to when the update will roll in.
CyberSentinel  +   3201d ago
No Love
"Sony (is like your parents they make mistakes, but have to love them anyways,they have your best interests in mind" -Anego Montoya

Blind European Lemmings, Sony Doesn't Love You Back.

@5: I wish you had more bubbles, so I could take them away from you again.

@3.3: It won't be long before I have your last bubble as well.

@7: Deep(brownoser) thats all you can do lemming, is wait, and wait, and wait, and wait, and wait....etc.

The WaitStation 3. Maybe thats what they meant by Play Beyond.
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MikeGdaGod  +   3201d ago
.....tell me your infinite one bubble knowledge
Counter_ACT  +   3201d ago
that joke was fu(king awful, you're an idiot.
SmokeyMcBear  +   3201d ago
baaaaaaa.....baaaaaa the M$ sheep train rolls along. Love your Sony avatar cyber sheep.. i mean sentinel, its ok ... keep farming those sheep around.. you might be able to afford one.. eventually. Go on and ask mommy and daddy for more allowance
XxZxX  +   3201d ago
Blind European Lemmings, Sony Doesn't Love You Back.

@5: I wish you had more bubbles, so I could take them away from you again

HAHAHHA that's a good one sentinel, it's funny. Now let's for Bill Gates reply on the sheep. hahaaaa
Anego Montoya FTMFW  +   3201d ago
I`m seriously beginning to love that you quote me constantly.
thanks for spreading my name.
I`m going to become a urban legend/myth.
kamakazi  +   3200d ago
oh cyber monkey is at it again with his hijinks. silly ol cyber monkey not being fed enough bananas so hes just alittle cranky is all people, dont push him or he just might fling something your way.
tethered  +   3200d ago
I thought Anego Montoya said:
"I am Anego Montoya. You killed my fadder. Prepare to die!"
"I do not mean to pry, but you don't, by any chance, happen to have six fingers on your right hand?"
"You keep using that word. I do not think it means, what you think it means."

Ha great movie!

Anyway, back on topic.
Not sure anything was really official.
EZCheez  +   3200d ago
Good to hear from you!!!
It just wouldn't be the same without you Cyber. I mean every group has to have that one idiot that everyone laughs at right. Well guess what, you have earned the title. You are the official N4G Idiot. Your comments are more hilarious than MART's. At least you don't cut and paste! You should change your name, really.

By the way, couldn't help but notice you don't even have a 360 tag. Do you not even have a console? Maybe that's why you're so bitter. Tell your parents to go buy you a 360. Better yet, a PS3.
chitown  +   3201d ago
Blind European Lemmings, Sony Doesn't Love You Back

i ve always wanted to ask what the hell does that mean and why???
Bigmac573  +   3201d ago
Hey Sentinel
Updates are on Thursday, fvckface. Know your stuff before you flame, h0m0.
XxZxX  +   3201d ago
LOL, well, we just have to wait another day.
techie  +   3201d ago
lol..just wait a little bit longer.
ER1X  +   3201d ago
What's the big deal?
Was there some special update coming???

I just don't get why someone would be mad about one Thursday in there life not having a new trailer or demo, etc.
Premonition  +   3201d ago
Read people
The other news stated it was just a maintance nothing more, it was just to prepare for future things coming to the store like this thursday and the following weeks to come, there is no need for anyone to get mad unless they didnt read well.
lil bush  +   3201d ago
good to see it fix and clean then broke and dirty, so thats good to see...........
drtysouf21  +   3201d ago
I never read that this was supposed to be a big update with new content or features anyway. Guess we will see.
TheExecutive  +   3201d ago
Me neither... it was all speculation because the entire network was going down. I swear sometimes people on the internet are worse than a soap. Days of Our Lives anyone?
Robotz Rule  +   3201d ago
I love that game!
I downloaded it off the PStore and play it daily!
bootsielon  +   3201d ago
Updates were on tuesday 8
Meaning today. Anyway, the update was made already and the interface DID change. It looks similar, but it is indeed a little easier to navigate. Nothing special, nothing revolutionary. Unless there's something else supposed to come on thursday...
Premonition  +   3201d ago
There was no demo update whats so ever
There wasnt ment to be an update or an update people call today demos, it was just a maintance update to get ready for new things coming thursday, and the next thursday and so on, thats it.
dodgefate  +   3201d ago
looks like xbox & PS got slapped on updates this week booo... give us something.
Lord Anubis  +   3201d ago
the store is updated Thursday, a European announcement apply s to Europe.
BIadestarX  +   3201d ago
Isn'tr odd... but sometimes it feels as if Microsoft and Sony work together when it comes to things like this. They are both releasing an update the same week.... and now they are both delayed.. a bit...
Premonition  +   3201d ago
Do people on this site have reading comprehension problems, Sony did do the update, I dont know where people get off thinking it was something big and that there was suppose to be something big done to the store, get it your facts straight. Today was only for maintance purposes, and thursday will be whatever they upgraded the stores preformance for, jeeze man. And dont even put Sony in Microsofts boat, that is a BIG update, sony's was only a maintaince deal and it was done and now its over. So people stop saying the same thing over and over again, please read before posting.
BIadestarX  +   3201d ago
(Wink an eye)… did you say… C&C3? Are you ready to face the destruction and humiliation of you command post!? Ready yourselves, tomorrow it’s dooms day!

Unit read… unit ready… structure complete… structure complete.


Power offline----

Oh oh..
Anego Montoya FTMFW  +   3200d ago
i just went on PSN.
and it`s way way faster.
Good Job Sony.
btkadams  +   3200d ago
thank god they changed the layout and groupings of things. the store was getting cluttered
power of Green  +   3200d ago
Bubbles don't mean sh*t all they mean is the people that have them are saying what othes want to hear in most cases as if what you post is worth anything more what
MikeGdaGod  +   3200d ago
more knowledge from the one bubble crew.

keep up the great work.
BubblesDAVERAGE  +   3200d ago
One Bubble
I can have one bubble because I expose the truth about MS with all the shooters and exclusives that come out on pc there for they are n ot exclusives you guys can have your bubbles and shove them up ya I need is one bubble to expose you fanboys..Xbox is a nice system but it really lack diversity just like last gen..Ps3 has all the games i need and more from FPS to RPg to Weird games to online games and everything ...SO there I dont need your bubbles
shikwan  +   3200d ago
Come and take my doesn't matter cause either way;
Sony is moving pebbles (with their 'update') while MS is moving mountains!

Ok go now and enjoy your FREE PuSukN network!
LoveHateTragedy  +   3200d ago
Um, they did warn ahead of time that it
was just a few hours of maintenance. Xbox Live looks the same too last time I checked. If you're referring to the firmware updates, Sony's pumping those out every two to three weeks, and they're awesome! =]
The Karate Kid  +   3200d ago
My system has a built in Blu-Ray Player =)
My system has a built in 6 in 1 memory stick reader
My system plays 98% of all my playstation 2 games
My system just looks better with the Shiny Piano Black Color
My system has free online play!!!!!!!!!!
My system wont overheat or breakdown on me every 6 months =)
My system will soon have Rumble & Six Axxis support
My system will support playstation home (The Ultimate 3-D online gaming experience)
My system always had HDMI output support =)

My system has all of these *GREAT* games coming out

Metal Gear Solid 4
Final Fantasy 13
Uncharted Drakes Fortune
Gran Turismo 5
Heavenly Sword
Ninja Gaiden Sigma
Killzone 2
Racthet & Clank Destruction Tools
Warhawk Online
God Of War 3
Singstar Online
Devil May Cry 4 (Superior Version)
Grand Theft Auto 4 (Superior Version)
Tekken 6

O and yeah my system will play STAR WARS ON BLU-RAY!!!!!!!!!
BIadestarX  +   3200d ago
"My system has all of these *GREAT* games coming out" When I read that part, that's when I was reminded "WHY I CHOOSE THE 360".

I've being playing NEXT gen games a while back prior to the release of the PS3.

The 360 has Many games I like to play Today (Today).
The 360 will have many games I want to play (Today).
The 360 provides a better online service(Yes I don't mind paying for it).

Now, when the time comes and those games you mentioned are released, I will be the first one to go and buy a PS3. TO PLAY THOSE GAMES.

Until then, I will play games like Gears, C&C3, etc that ARE NOT AVAILABLE FOR THE PS3.

Should I settle for less like you do? "Ohh look at me... I will missout on games like gears.. and C&C3... because I love SONY and I am a fanboy"... PLEASE! I can dig... if you tell me... GET A PS3 so you can play this and that... but asking people to pretty much get rid of the 360 or missout on the exclusive games it's such a fanboy thing to say. Why can someone chose both? Why do I have to choose between Metal Gear and C&C3? Please... keep your fanboy's comments to you and your fanboys buddies which obviously agree with anything you say.
HandShandy  +   3200d ago
Although I'm a PS3/Sony blood loyalist.
That was a pretty brutal fanboy post - I don't think I could top that. I tend to go for personal attacks and resort to violence.

Oh the lemmings guy is up there.... I love that guy. We should give him more bubbles so we see him more often. It must annoy all these Xbots because no one takes them seriously anymore - they are just toys for everyone to play with and laugh at.

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