MLB 07: The Show New Trailers

Today Sony released a few new trailers for MLB 07: The Show for PS3 showing the new pitching interface, umpire personalities, and the Road to the Show. The game looks to have the same deep gameplay aspects as the PS2 version. MLB 07: The Show is scheduled to be released May 15, 2007 in the US.

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HaKeRsCanRotINHEL4213d ago

whats it like? Is it better than the MLB 2K franchise? :)

drunkpandas4213d ago

All the reviews comparing the PS2 versions of The Show and 2K7 seem to agree that The Show is a much better game. From the videos, it looks like it'll be the same for next-gen consoles as well.

SmokeyMcBear4213d ago

im waiting for both to come out, ive played 2k7, now waiting for the show to see how they stack up. I like the idea of going up through the ranks as a player. One thing that irked me, on the second video, they showed oakland A's player stewart striking out.. they got the damn uniform wrong.. the lettering has yellow trim and in the video is solid green.. god dammit.

Robotz Rule4213d ago

I enjoyed the MLB The Show games on my PS2 and PSP.I can't wait for the PS3 version!

weekapaugh4213d ago

i hope they kept the arcade style home derby.

drunkpandas4213d ago

From what I've heard from previews and from Sony PR, the game is a prettier version of the PS2 title. I would assume everything in the PS2 game will be in the PS3 version as well.

harpua4213d ago

looks solid, totally getting this on the 15th.

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