Batman Arkham Asylum - The TripleChat Review

TripleChat has posted their review of the critically acclaimed and sure to be top selling title, Batman Arkham Asylum.

They write: "Like Spider-Man before him, Batman has been completely revamped and has returned to the spotlight once again in this new millennium. It wasn't as if fans were sick of Batman; fans were just sick of how studios, game developers, and heck even some comic writers utilized the once idolized character in projects. For the most part, the Batman franchise has been steady throughout all media, from comic books to TV shows, to movies, and video games. There are certainly those we wish never happened (Batman & Robin anyone?), and those that we just could not get enough of (The Dark Knight). Yes it is true, Batman is back and fans around the globe welcome such with open arms. After all, if there is any super hero that we (as in humans) can relate to, it is him. He is mortal, he has no natural superpowers – he simply is the alter ego of a super rich man who can afford to buy the entire planet."

A few highlights from the review:

"...Hamill steals the show from the rest of the cast..."

"...Under everything, Batman Arkham Asylum essentially is just a beat 'em up..."

"...The addition of the Joker to the Challenge Mode is most welcomed and for us, it does give it the edge over the 360 version because of replay value..."

To see what they fully think, their final verdict as well as their recommended pick up price, jump to the site!

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DonCorneo3369d ago (Edited 3369d ago )

xbots, losing out again on a multiplatform game.. it's good game but the pacing gets messed up if you collect the riddler stuff. i'm a man of my worrrdddd He-ha-HA-HA