Wii, PS3 lead over Xbox 360 at Amazon

Nintendo Co.'s Wii video game system and Sony Corp.'s Playstation 3 lead over Microsoft Corp.'s Xbox 360 this week in the latest sales data from

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Bigmac5734156d ago

Or only positions on the charts?

kewlkat0074156d ago

it's the Numbers game again. Comes around like every 2 weeks...can't it be like a year? blah..

ItsDubC4156d ago

Seriously, and doesn't it make sense that something that is newer is in higher demand?

XxZxX4156d ago

WTF why AMAZON data?? THIS IS just amazon. Like the XBOX 360 is selling well through Amazon Japan. Check the Media create stats, 360 is no where to be found. This proof nothing.. nothing...!!

Odion4156d ago

How on earth is it in last 2 weeks the the 360 elite has been sold out in hours but its still in third? Ya I am not taking these as anything.

achira4156d ago

outsold in hours from how many ? 10, lol.

MetalProxy4156d ago

There where Elites all overtown the weekend it came out and they are still there waiting to be purchased.

techie4156d ago

God i hate these amazon posts. It changes within the space of a few hours. The ps3 was behind the 360, then the Wii was no where to be doesnt tell you anything

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The story is too old to be commented.