Is Catan changing Xbox Live?

In what could truly be considered a statistical improbability for Xbox Live, Joystiq made it through more than Joystiqs fair share of rounds in Catan without any player-related issues.
Everyone Joystiq met who makes it through a full game gets a good approval rating and nobody (and Joystiq actually mean nobody) has deserved a complaint or negative review.
No pre-pubescent screams, no racist/sexist/homophobic statements ... sure, there's expletive dropping -- but it's all in proper context.

Is civility actually possible on Xbox Live?

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Pheneus4236d ago

It is fully possible to be civil, within reason. I always mute those who are excessively racist/sexist/homophobic/etc and report them also. If every responsible person did so then they would be silenced until the time they could be reprimanded or banned outright.

rusgreim4236d ago

I generally play Halo 2 in the evenings and lately have had very little trash talk, in fact generally I get a lot of "good game" or the like. You will always have 14 year olds and griefers, but I rarely encounter negative experiences.

gta_cb4236d ago

i have downloaded it but havnt played it yet.

benny o klaatt4236d ago

port trading is the key, one of the resources you can trade at 2:1 so have two settlements on the land, get twice as much every time and easily tradeable

JustCallMeDaddy4236d ago (Edited 4236d ago )

After all the hundred games that i played in the demo, i didn't encounter anyone aggressive(insulting, mistreating, etc.). As a matter of fact, i made a lot of friends on Xbox live playing C&C3 in the past 2 weeks.

calderra4236d ago

Everyone who doesn't know, \/READ!!!\/
As said above, the best way to deal with griefers is:
1) Mute them. Don't leave the game, don't stop playing, just mute them. If they're actually affecting gameplay, just do your best until the game ends. You still get Achievements / Points / etc.
2) Report them. After the game, either in the lobby or from your list of recent players you've encountered, leave bad feedback and/or report them. Enough bad feedback, and they're banned.

It's that simple.
And as has been said, yeah, it's working.