One killed in new US college shooting over Playstation 2

One person has been killed and two others injured when a college student opened fire at a campus apartment complex in northern California.

The shooting took place late yesterday near the campus of California State University in Fresno, 352km northeast of Los Angeles.

The gunman was identified by local media as a 19-year-old criminology student.

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sak5004214d ago

Now the Jackass Thompson will crawl out of the woodworks.

kingofps34214d ago (Edited 4214d ago )

People are still shooting over a Playstation 2? This is a shame. I really hope that this wasn't actually the case here that caused another life.

PS3 Owns All4214d ago

But that does not compare to the one in NY! Someone got shot for a PS1!

Sashy4214d ago

I cant believe that people are killing each other for playstation 1 and 2 hahah :D I mean, okey for the Playstation 3 but NOT Ps1 and 2. Thats a shame.

midgard2294214d ago

musta been another flame war in person. someone had real anger problems if the killed someone over a freakin ps2 game, thats stupid.
its a shame seriously. no one shud kill unless its life or death, not because of a disagreement

synLamont4214d ago

What the hell are you ppl talking about? the person got shot because he had something that did not belong to him and it just happen to be a PS2. The person have probably done the same if someone took his car also. it is the principle behind it not the object itself.

scarlett_rg4214d ago

This just in: synLamont approves death sentence for thievery.

Seems a bit harsh of a punishment if you ask me.

Having said that, I agree with you... don't steal sh*t.

Kastrol4214d ago

I was at my friends house about 3 years ago playing fight night 1

my mate had to other friends over now these 2 were playing the game when one boxer got knocked out silly

now the loser was pissed off and said " I bet you couldnt do that in real life" and then the other said "of course i can dont cry just because you got knocked out"

so the loser quietly left the room and house altogether after a few hours we all left to go outside

then the loser comes out of no where and cracks the boys head over with a bat starts hitting him till his out cold

so when i hear storys about people killing for a ps2 or ps1 im not all suprised

crazy SH!T Happens in this world

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