FFIV Remake Confirmed for DS

According to the official FFIV, the remake of the series will be going to the Nintendo Dual System. No further Details available at this time.

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calderra4186d ago

Remakes ahoy! Why make new IPs when you can just re-release decade old games at full new-game price?

Up next: Madden Football '95! It's a classic! Now for the low-low price of $69.95. Also features updated rosters and graphics!

I love the IDEA of a FF remake, but for full price? Again? C'mon!

PS360WII4186d ago

The link doesn't seem to appealing to the newsworthy list... but I'm hopeful. 4 is my fav Go Cecil!

specialguest4186d ago (Edited 4186d ago )

Hell yeah! Cecil the dark knight who later becomes paladin, Edward the sissy, innocent Tera, that back-stabbing Kain, and those damn imps.

FF4 was the first RPG I played and got hooked.

Babylonian4186d ago

Yeah that game was funny as hell. How almost everybody who joins you dies, but at the end all magically reapear from their graves. Haaah.....still was fun to play though.

bootsielon4185d ago

How much better can the graphics, physics, and AI get? All remakes should be made on PS3.

lilwingman4185d ago

Shoot, I would have liked to have seen this for the PSP (like FF I and II) or full-blown remake for PS3.