Microsoft keeps Sony at bay

Microsoft acted to consolidate its lead over Sony in the current generation of games consoles as it cut the price of its top-end Xbox 360 on Thursday to counter a similar move last week by its Japanese rival.

The cuts come at the start of the busy autumn season, which usually accounts for nearly two-thirds of annual console purchases, and should enable the US software company to maintain its advantage over Sony in what has been a weak year for the industry, analysts said.

Microsoft has sold 30m Xbox 360s since 2005, while Sony has sold slightly less than 24m PlayStation 3 consoles, which were launched a year later. Both trail the Nintendo Wii, which has sold more than 50m globally.

"This is all about maintaining the momentum. [Xbox] is the only one that has been selling relatively well over the summer," said Van Baker, an analyst at Gartner, a technology research firm.

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Peter North3277d ago (Edited 3277d ago )

False information being provided in this article, Xbox 360s failure rate has been confirmed to be 54.2%.

3277d ago
INC NATE21313277d ago

its hasnt been confirmed, those numbers came off based on a random survey from gameinformer, THIS IS WHY YOUR A STUPID DUMB FANBOY!!! BEACUSE SONY FOR ONE ESTIMATES A 0.8% FAILURE RATE, 360 THIS YEAR ESTIMATES A 9% FAILURE RATE, AND IN2005 THE FAILURE RATE WAS 33%, REAL NUMBERS BY MS YOU DUMB MORON!!!!!!!!!

wxer3277d ago

the guy above me is about to blow


cmrbe3277d ago

54.2% is the magic number.

DonCorneo3277d ago (Edited 3277d ago )

sony: has less than 1% failure rate and 8 million per year actually SOLD

the crapbox has been $199.99 for a year now so why would consumers go for a $299.99 crap when they can get the same one for $100 less..

let's wait for story about crapbox getting sold out.. not gonna happend.. LMAO!!!!

Pistolero3277d ago

What a bunch of lies...if you go by that stupid survey the PS3 has more than a 10.6% failure rate...which is pathetic for any electronics device....especially when the warranty sucks. The 360's failure rate would be unacceptable except for the if the PS3's failure rate really is more than 10%, with a crappy isn't even worth is too big of a risk to get a console with a poor warranty that has a one in ten chance of dying. you still want to go by that stupid survey?

Also...for the last time...all game companies track "shipped to retail"...that is what "sold" means to these companies. I wish that myth would has been explained many, many times.

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GiantEnemyCrab3277d ago

The price adjustment made national news here in the US. Heard it on ABC news on radio and CNN on TV.

OGharryjoysticks3277d ago

Go look at IGN, 1UP, GAMEPRO, etc.

All the front pages for every site are ALL Microsoft news in one way or another. Obviously Microsoft has put the word out to all it's media partners not to let a single word of Sony be heard now.

darthv723277d ago (Edited 3277d ago )

But those stories are like...sooooo last week. What level of consumer is going to remember those?

Honestly this is getting stupid. Sony cuts their prices...MS cuts their prices...and Nintendo beats them both without cutting anything.

Go figure.

SuperM3277d ago

I think its an insult to compare Microsofts "pricecut" with Sonys real pricecut. After all MS is just doing what sony did last year when they made the 80gb 399 instead of the 40gb. Cant remember anyone calling that a pricecut. But suddenly when Microsoft does it we should all cheer and applaud for their mighty "pricecut" announcement.

shane0253277d ago

Geez now you're fighting over which price cut is "THA REALEST ONE"?

GiantEnemyCrab3277d ago

Jesus, 7 disagrees and a bunch of crying for simply stating I heard it on national news.. Internetz are serious business!

3277d ago
darthv723277d ago (Edited 3277d ago )

what MS is doing really isnt that different from what sony did a few times now. Upping the hdd size while keeping the price the same. It was done from 20-40 then from 40-80. I recall people giving sony all kinds of slack for not really making a price cut but instead giving them more hdd space (and taking away stuff at that).

MS is basically doing the same thing. Although the consumer is getting more than just the hdd upgrade. They get the black console/controller and hdmi cable (if they can get the original elite).

Now the only thing to save face would be for MS to lower the elite to $249 after all stock of the 60gb pros were sold out. They really need to lower the cost of all the accessories. I didnt pay $100 for wifi and neither should the next person. Got mine at dimple for $40

@mario: do you have any 3' you have any 6' you have any...

Mario3277d ago

Nobody was waiting for 360's price to drop. Everyone has been begging for ps3's price to drop.

So go fish

Greywulf3277d ago (Edited 3277d ago )

Blah blah blah blah.. yet Microsoft is never "weeks" ahead of Sony with announcements.

For some...



Its always minutes after. Why is that? Can anyone help me.. is this thing on.. Hello?

a_squirrel3277d ago

lol, I'm still confused, as far as I'm concerned, Sony is in th 2nd spot, and Xbox 360 is selling worse than the ps3

morganfell3277d ago (Edited 3277d ago )

Ha ha ha, at Bay? You have got to be kidding:

The closest 360 is at 74...and until this morning it was being beaten by the PS2.

The Financial Times is apparently full of US Centric idiots. It was a year in the US dummies. MS had a year headstart in the US and a year and a half headstart in the largest gaming territory. All of it futile.

When I picked up my copy of Batman I watched two guys trade in 360s on PS3s. It isn't about the other console's price point anymore, it's about the console more gamers have wanted since day one - the PS3.

read disc error3277d ago (Edited 3277d ago )


for the 100th time Sony puts a ton of money into Amazon promotions and ad space and typically do much better than MS on the Amazon charts, even long before the slim the PS3 was far ahead of the 360 on Amazon. However, one look at NPD and you realize Amazon is not a good gauge for USA sales.

I expect the PS3 slim to match and maybe slightly exceed the 360 for a couple months in the USA until the Holiday season and then the 360 will pull ahead again. you disagree? Well come see me at the end of 2009. remember to bring your tissues and excuses like always.

2010 year of the PS3!!

PS you have some issues if you're emotionally invested in a piece of hardware. USA idiots? lol, you're the idiot.

Christopher3277d ago (Edited 3277d ago )

Look, it's a fairly well known fact that in the U.S., Microsoft will destroy their competitors with marketing if that's what's needed to get word out. Sony could cut the PS3 to $99 and Microsoft would put out enough advertisement to still get people to buy the 360. Look at Bing. Look at Vista. Look at any Microsoft related or supported project and you'll see them controlling what you see on TV in the U.S.

So, this is business as usual for them.

Oh, and PS3 fans who laugh this off and think Microsoft can't do much to hurt Sony now... you are very much sadly mistaken. Sony is and will continue to fight a very steep uphill battle in the U.S.

IdleLeeSiuLung3277d ago (Edited 3277d ago )

That is MS keeping Sony at bay and Sony keeping MS at bay. This is the best possible environment for consumers. I mean without MS, we probably wouldn't get a price cut from Sony and the same can be said for MS.

Just look at all the great advancement we have gotten due to all this competition. Seriously, do you think PSN would be as good as it is without Xbox Live? Do you think MS would put so much effort into streaming movies without the threat of Blu-Ray? Do you think either would drop the price without competition?

If you look at all these things, you realize that the winner in this console race has done nothing to advance their console since release, the Wii!!! Utter fail in my book and that is why I'm excited about Natal because MS will give some serious competition to the Wii. Oh, the great things that will come....

Pistolero3277d ago

The competition between the rival consoles is absolutely good for us gamers...we wouldn't be seeing half the advancement if only Sony or only Microsoft was in the market.

ReBurn3277d ago

Yep, aside from that whole announcing the release of their console a year before Sony released theirs Microsoft is never first at anything. Please, both price cuts are reactive. Microsoft is reacting to Sony and Sony is reacting do sales drops year over year.

Guido3276d ago

Compare a 300 dollar DVD player with decent games and pay-to-play online to a 300 dollar Blu-ray player with free online and great games. Consider the 360 trumped.

Christopher3276d ago

People who disagreed with my above comment yesterday, take a look at's daily deals today (8/28/2009) and tell me Microsoft doesn't know how to get their products placed on a site to overshadow the products of anyone else.

I mean, it's a day where there are mostly deals on Wii games, and at the top you have a MS 360 add and at the bottom two highlighted items for the price drop of both the Elite and Pro 360 bundles.

Nothing at all on that page has the PS3 logo or Sony attached to it.

Microsoft knows how to advertise and market, and they've started it already so that in two weeks the PS3 slim will likely be back to its normal sales in the U.S.

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mrblacknut3277d ago

What is funny is that people think this is a reaction to just a couple of days ago from Gamecom when it has been a year and this has been in their plans to do this. Nobody notice this is the first time both consoles have seen a price cut days from one another.

gambare3277d ago

the bots turn on their consoles and create a wall of fire fushhh!!