YourEMGN: Final Fantasy XIII | Preview

The concept for Final Fantasy XIII's battle system is to maintain the strategic nature of command-based battles. The system stemmed from a desire to create battles similar to those found in Final Fantasy VII Advent Children. Like those in Final Fantasy XII, enemies are integrated into the world environment. Yet unlike Final Fantasy XII battles do not take place in the same "dimension", but rather a short flash transports players to a new battle screen, separate from the main playing world. The Active Time Battle (ATB) system will return, but it works differently from its predecessors. Users will be able to chain large numbers of commands together in order to achieve attack bonuses.

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Madusha3372d ago

Final Fantasy XIII is gonna is near the top of my want list. Can't wait for this one. Bit sad it's not on PS2 but everyone would have upgraded by the end of 2010.

pumal3372d ago

how many final fantasy games are there? too many is what I think.

@Ninji: how is this lame? -.-