7-Eleven Cuts Game Prices - Stopping Game Sales?

Gamervision reports: 7-Eleven's gaming experience started with Halo 3, where they staged midnight openings all around the United States and forced gallons of Slurpees into unsuspecting fans' bellies (needed to get those collector's cups!). Since then, they've remained on the scene, breaking occasional street dates thanks to employees who don't give a damn about gaming. Thanks for that copy of Gears of War 2, guys. Well, the saga might be coming to an end... or ramping up for a big holiday push. We're not sure. All we know is that the 7-Eleven near us, and many others around the country, are cutting game prices to 50% off, as the awesome camera phone shot above confirms.

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dominicm3396d ago

Fallout 3 for $30? Hot dang!

Blaze9293396d ago

guess im going to 7/11 today

MasterChief36243396d ago

I'm probably waiting until the Game of the Year Edition of Fallout 3 comes out, honestly. I still haven't bought the game, but if that GotY Edition is really going to have all the past downloadable content included with it, it's a steal.

N4GAddict3396d ago

I never knew they sold games.

TheBand1t3396d ago

Neither did I. But then again I don't even think we have a 7-Eleven down here in Biloxi.

njr3396d ago

They only sell games like Halo, Fallout, Madden, WWE Smackdown, but they are the best at breaking street dates.