Playstation Network Pre-Paid Cards Finally Coming

Sony is finally releasing pre-paid "Playstation Network Tickets" which can be used to purchase PSN items. It will likely work in much the same way as Wii pre-paid cards work right now. According to Sony they will be available at over 52000 locations throughout Japan in four varieties. 1,000 Yen, 3,000 Yen, 5,000 Yen, 10,000 Yen. For reference 120 Yen is about $1 US dollar.

No word on a US release but they're set to hit Japan in early June.

Japan is so Rad, I wish I could buy PSN Tickets at my local Circle K.

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bigmack3853d ago

we need them!! please come to the US or UK. i need them too.

omansteveo3853d ago

What happened to the free content Sony fans are talking about in the XB360 section?

Premonition3853d ago

What free content are you talking about.

SmokeyMcBear3853d ago

I think you mean the fact that any game that has online capabilities, can be played online with the ps3.. for FREE. I think thats what you are talking about. That and the free demos of games, and movie trailers and such. There are arcade games for purchase, that is what the cards are for.

Black Republican3853d ago

to play online is free

xbox live:
you have to pay to play online

content like demos, game trailers and some videos are free on both xbox live and psn.

When ppl say psn is free I believe they mean to play online againts ppl.

btkadams3853d ago

so they're out now in japan, so my estimate is that they're out in NA by christmas

ReconHope3853d ago

please come i'm tired of gift credit cards. i wanna download super rubba dub

Premonition3853d ago

3,000yen= 25bucks in US 5,000= 40 bucks and 10,000 yen= a whopping 80-85 bucks. For me I'll stick with the 20 and 40buck ones.