New Square Enix RPG Revealed - First Images

Here is a look at Square Enix's first entirely new next-gen RPG, titled The Last Remnant.

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Dlacy13g4211d ago

another developer goes multiplatform. They probably are under some contract to keep FFX111 under Sony, but it sure looks like they as well as almost every major publisher outside of 1st party are going multiplatform. Welcome to the next gen.... 1st party games will be the deciding factor.

Sony...its time to step up. Now...not 2008, but now. Show us what you can do as I am afraid 2008 will be too late.

Bill Nye4210d ago (Edited 4210d ago )


I lol'd.

Babylonian4210d ago

Square-Enix said that they were making a game for the 360, I myself thought it was an exlusive to the 360 but it turned out to be for the PS3 and 360. Hahaha, to see you freak out and become all anxious was funny.

Vojkan4210d ago

They were always multi platform developer. Some of their IP titles were exclusive to Sony, but like i said "some" were exclusive and will continue to be.
This is totaly new IP therefore it's natural for them to go multi platform.

spacetoilet4210d ago

Hey, this looks sweet too. Square know their $h!t when it comes to rpg's.