Square Enix sees big impact from PS3 cut next year

TOKYO, Aug 26 (Reuters) - Sony Corp's (6758.T) introduction of a cheaper PlayStation 3 will have a big impact on video game sales in the next business year following a limited boost this year, the head of game maker Square Enix Holdings (9684.T) said.

Square Enix President Yoichi Wada told a gathering of reporters on Wednesday the PS3 cut would be positive for game sales but not enough to warrant an upward revision to its sales and profit forecasts in the current year to March 2010.

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Jamie Foxx3126d ago (Edited 3126d ago )

FACT early screen shots to newer screen shots have proven this we all saw the article.

ill stick with level 5 they make good games

nycredude3126d ago

Yeah Square let their guard down a bit and Level-5 is picking up the slack. Can't wait for WKC.

zeeshan3126d ago

SE is so not the SE they used to be. Level 5 FTW! Heck even Sega is putitng more efforts developing RPGs and SE is too busy making remakes, milking the FF franchise on all platforms etc.

kagon013126d ago

Their games are becoming so uninspired, other JRPG's devs > SE...

They haven't released a single game(PSX ports don't count) for the PS3 and "he" came out with that statement...(should we boycott them?)

Just as a reminder Squaresoft is dead...

Megaton3126d ago

So sick of this ass clown. He doesn't even deserve to be the janitor at Square, or at least the Square we all used to know and love, before he destroyed it.

militant073126d ago (Edited 3126d ago )

enjoy playing the avarge RPG "WKS"

your comment was soo pathetic ,get over it.

edit: disagree all you want, i dont care, you guyz just can't get over it.

i dont see xbox360 onwers bash tales of vesperia becasue it announced on ps3 with tons of exclusive content..

locos853126d ago

Why is this guy commenting on the PS3? You shouldn't be allowed to comment on the PS3 unless you actually release a game for it. So SE need to shut up.

3 years and still not a single disc game for the PS3. Only a 12 year old game on PSN and a tower defense game.

97gsx3126d ago

I think the 360 fanboys raged somewhat in japan at least http://www.sankakucomplex.c... .

raztad3126d ago (Edited 3126d ago )


I highly doubt most xbox owners even care about Tales of Vesperia, or any jRPG for that matter. Dont try to compare both cases please. PS3 owners do care about theirs jRPGs, especially a huge one like FF.

BTW, I agree about STFU S-E. You have released nothing so far for the PS3 this gen.

I dont agree about only praising Level-5. L-5 is just one of the companies making quality rpgs. Sega, NIS, Atlus are doing an exceptional work as well.

Raoh3126d ago

Also give Mistwalker their credit.. for the the "we love microsoft conferences" SE has attended
SE has dont nothing for micrsosoft but screw sony.. mistwalker has delivered better xbox 360 rpg's than SE has this generation..

gaffyh3126d ago

@1.6 - Imagine if CliffyB started making games exclusive to PS3 and Gears went multiplatform. How would a 360 only owner feel? That is exactly how PS3 only owners feel about Square Enix.

IdleLeeSiuLung3126d ago

It seems the hate is rolling since Wada is saying some potentially negative news about the PS3, but reality is he is just talking to shareholders not fanbois!

ThanatosDMC3125d ago

Too bad for SE... but i will buy their old Squaresoft games like FF8 or FFX or Front Mission 3-4-5 on the PSN.

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Ace_2353126d ago (Edited 3126d ago )

It wont be a big impact to HIM until next year lol.

supersonicsaga3126d ago (Edited 3126d ago )

of Final Fantasy 13

kagon013126d ago

Seriously their games are becoming downhill, the other RPG's developers > SE for sure...

ZombieAutopsy3126d ago

halo3pwndsallfps statement should of read "im a 360 fanboy and nothing matters to me besides halo im so fvkin kool"

Sarick3126d ago

He wouldn't be doing his job if he didn't hype the PS3 for the exclusive FF14 online and the FF13 Japan release.

Yea, he's self promoting SE by promoting the PS3. If the PS3 sells well it's more likely to sell more SE software.

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