Mystery GameCube Fighter Coming To Wii

In the latest Wii-k In Review podcast, the IGN editor who tackles all things waggle, Matt Cassamassina, hints at a very interesting upcoming Wii game. He says of the unnamed title that "anyone with a brain will be able to figure it out."

"There used to be this fighting franchise, it came to GameCube. It will be coming to Wii but it won't be a fighting game anymore. It's gonna be some kind of crazy ass adventure game."

Cassamassina clarifies by adding the following.

"There was one fighting game that sold pretty well, though, that was from a third party. So, I'm sure you can figure out what it was. Who the hell knows if it's gonna be any good, either."

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ITR4238d ago

Action Adv Fighter?

I hope it's good because I liked SC2 on the Cube.

PhinneousD4238d ago

you can play gc games on the wii so why port it again on the wii... give us new games please, not some half-a$sed ports like rival swords.

eclipsegryph4238d ago

This doesn't read like a port. I gathered that it was a sequel to a fighting game which was once strong on the GameCube. So no port, don't worry.

midgard2294238d ago

More ports from last gen consoles, man what a crappy system LOL!!! didn't the creator of the wii know u can just put ur gamecube game in the wii and play it? lol i dont wanna hear *oh the wii mote* crap freakin more last gen ports prove wii is last gen