Unpacking the 21-Disc Behemoth That is the SaGa Premium Box

The biggest soundtrack box set in the history of game music will be hitting Japan this week, dedicated entirely to Square Enix's SaGa series. OSV got their hands on the box set ahead of the Japanese release and has an unpacking video of the 21-disc set. It retails for $220, and will likely be a limited print, so be sure to pick it up before it's gone.

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BigMassacre3223d ago

Man, I would love to own that thing.

FarEastOrient3223d ago

Stuff like this makes me become a lemming and want to purchase one for myself...

LiL T3223d ago (Edited 3223d ago )

Could you not fit that all on one blu-ray, maybe 2 with better sound quality?

edit @ below, Ya true it would of taken alot less then half the dvd's and everybody and thier mother has one of those.

wAtdaFck3223d ago

But not everyone can rip blu-rays. In the future, that would be a very good idea

They could've just fit them in DVD's though

Quikchicken_Fly3223d ago

not everyone has a bluray player...

only the ps3 clan sorry...

RufustheSage3222d ago

Oh Man. . .all the SaGa music is golden. So wish I had the money to buy this, would treasure it to the end days.
Off to see if there's a torrent!

SuperStrokey11233222d ago

While I commend them on this video could they have found a darker room to do it in, I could almost see everything well