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2-Days to Vegas Info: Release, Story, Blu-ray advantage

Here are some new screens and information about 2-Days to Vegas, to be released on the Xbox 360 and PS3 next year.

2 Days to Vegas has been floating just beneath the press radar and the devs have purposely been tight-lipped regarding the game. According to Loo, this was done to keep "creative control". They even refused to look for a publisher until they get the game completely finished. So inevitably, the storyline and content were kept under lock and key - which was apparently easy considering Steel Monkey only has a small population (58).

2 Days to Vegas is a third person shooter reportedly inspired by movies' impact on people. Think of how you feel after you leave the movie theater, though that depends entirely on the movie you watched.

An in-house game engine was used and would feature global lighting and HDR lighting. They also included a "garbage generator" to simulate the clutter on the city streets. Talk about attention to detail. Loo comments on the Blu-Ray as a distribution media, "Blu-Ray solves a lot of our problems." (2 Days to Vegas, PS3, Xbox 360)
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techie  +   3038d ago
This is the full article...the below one is merely one quotation.
NoUseMerc  +   3037d ago
This is old news
This news is old...here is the link to the original:
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Lord Anubis  +   3038d ago
was there any doubt blu-ray was needed.
jwatt  +   3038d ago
Thats good, they're taking advantage of blu-Ray. I hope Rockstar is doing the same.
techie  +   3038d ago
ps. have we always known 2 Days to Vegas was on the PS3? It was only announced as 360...I didn't know it was ps3 as well.
Lord Anubis  +   3038d ago
it was first announced as a PC, i didn't even know it was announced for the Xbox 360
TheGoodMART  +   3038d ago
looks like they confirmed it now
Firewire  +   3038d ago
Multiplatform I Guess!
Yeah I always thought this was a 360 exclusive!
Good to hear its on the PS3 & they will probably take
advantage of blu ray as well!
techie  +   3038d ago
"PC and next generation console versions of the game all will take benefit from this agreement"
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Firewire  +   3038d ago
"No appears not "PC and next generation console versions of the game all will take benefit from this agreement"

So is it multi? I'm confused!
tethered  +   3038d ago
Loo comments on the Blu-Ray as a distribution media, "Blu-Ray solves a lot of our problems."

That is interesting. We will see.
TheGoodMART  +   3038d ago
Looks like blu-ray was a great investment after all, I am actually glad that sony put one in the PS3...
nebpredude84  +   3038d ago
techie  +   3038d ago
sorry PC should be on there...I wasn;t aware, sorry.
power of Green  +   3038d ago
I'v been excited for this title for ever, its a shame its coming out next year. Looks friggin stellar by the way.
btkadams  +   3038d ago
the streets look soooo empty in those screens...kinda disappointing
Ludwig  +   3038d ago
Obviously a larger media offers advantages .. the whole question is not that .. is if it helps as much as it costs .. the awnser is: only in a few genres of games such as GTA .. everybody else is going to the EXACT opposite direction ..

Games don't save the whole illumination of the maps in image files anymore .. they actualy calculate the light on the game in real time.

The more good looking the game is .. the smaller it gets ... going beyound "saved" content.

And even worst .. games in this gen are going to be much shorter . where would be the actual power of blu-ray .. doing long games.
ShAkKa  +   3038d ago
lots of news regarding the blu-ray on this few days sony should be very happy
ThaGeNeCySt  +   3038d ago
good info
tehcellownu  +   3038d ago
where the xbots?? they suppose to scream out dvd9 is enough? lol it looks like more games this gen will require the extra space exspecially the big ones..
ThaGeNeCySt  +   3038d ago
I'm here. DVD-9 is enough
ErcsYou  +   3038d ago
top notch
this game looks very promising but they need to get rid of those ugly chicks
Firewire  +   3038d ago
I really don't think theres anyway to deny the
blu ray advantage now, How many dev's have said similar
things now? And to anybody that says it doesn't matter DVD
is enough, bull! Dev's are seeing the advantage and making use of it!
Rockstar said it, Insomniac said it, Factor 5 said it! & I think
Square Enix even said it.
I'm sure other dev's have mentioned it as well!
brianodom  +   3038d ago
hideo kojima
ThaGeNeCySt  +   3038d ago
it's not bull
Lord Anubis  +   3038d ago
"PC and next generation console versions of the game all will take benefit from this agreement"

so does that mean their game will be the first blu-ray game for PC?
Frulond  +   3038d ago
BD PC drives been hitting the market for a couple months now, hope they get cheaper and as soon as they do I'm getting one for my PC.
Rybnik  +   3038d ago
Wow, vaporware becomes reality, eh? We all doubted these graphics back when they were shown in 2005? now they are real, it would appear. I am truly impressed. I hope the immersion of the game doesn't stop at the graphics though..I look forwards to the first game footage.
StrboyM  +   3038d ago
blue ray
Bhai  +   3038d ago
Most definitely looks...
...better than GTA-IV. Here' another proof that Getaway will be real sweeet ! The game has that WOW! factor that GTA-IV lacks.
Anego Montoya FTMFW  +   3038d ago
we haven`t REALLY seen GTA runnin for REAL yet.
but i know what your sayin.
i think this being the Getaway`s 3rd game(takes time).
it has some real potential to be the "best" open world game.
GTA got good on the 3rd.
Why can`t the Getaway.
This looks Great too.
Clinton514  +   3038d ago
Wasn't this game cancelled?
That's what I get for taking rumors too seriously :(
IBLEEDBLU  +   3038d ago
so i guess this game is gonna be 7-10 disc for the xbox360?????
InMyOpinion  +   3038d ago
Funny. They don't mention having any problems at all with the 360 version. Maybe it's easier to compress data on the 360? Who knows. I read it like "Blu-Ray solves a lot of our problems - with the Ps3."

edit* Stupid question maybe, but I'm no tech head. What problems did the bluray solve then? I'm curious since the game is possible on a dvd9 as well.
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techie  +   3038d ago
lol you would.

You can compress media (and have to even on blu-ray) on any disc format...very strange thing to say j
TheExecutive  +   3038d ago
Im not sure why compressing would be easier on one console than another... anyone??
tk  +   3038d ago
On Cell compression should be easier
Actually compression should work better on the Cell CPU. The SPU's should really crunch through compression as if there is no tomorrow.

But then - so what if it is on 3 or 4 DVD-9's vs 1 BluRay disk. Yes it is nicer, production cost should be lower on a single BluRay disk (packaging etc) - but in the end - so the XB360 0wners will shuffle a few disk. It is not that big a deal.
nix  +   3038d ago
in case of multiplatform...
if the developers want to go multi-platform, then they should choose either PC or PS3. no point in choosing a console which neither has HDD as a standard or HD disk drives. what's the point of cutting down the data/game/effects just because one console can't handle it. sigh!

thanks MS... gotta give you a star for making sure we're stuck in the last gen.

@Keilkat (below):


ok... it's simple as maths taught in junior school. now don't tell me you never went to school.

read my lips:
M.O.R.E. S.T.O.R.A.G.E. M.E.A.N.S. M.O.R.E. C.O.N.T.E.N.T.
something like 7.1 DTS surround... now wouldn't you want that for your newly bought Elite.

it also means more and deeper storyline. greater graphics!!!

and add HDD storage to it.. it will give you faster loading time... etc etc...


and please... blu-ray or HD-DVD are both DVD compatible.

and please... it's been 9 years since we've been stuck with this format... a move was inevitable. sony made the move... MS refuses to move! that's the fact!

DAMN! why did you bring up the PC thing again.. i said it's good to have PC as a gaming machine rather than 360!!!
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kewlkat007  +   3038d ago
Oh stop the whining
What about PC games? A year from now with the new DX10 cards, Vista gets it Drivers correct and optimized, they will blow anything away using DVD9.

No doubt you can take advantage of SPACE once you have it. Since developers now have the Blue-ray disk and if they did have the HD-DVD drive, you would see the same thing.

All I'm saying is Blue-Ray games does not automatically scream I'm better because I have more space, the game can still be junk, padded with garbage time. Longer load times and such.

My consensis have always been, when your given limited space to work with, you make sure everything is done correctly, and only the best cuts make the medium. You will see a lot of sloppyness with blue-Ray until you can really justify a SOLID 50GB game thats not mostly FMV and other junk.

Either way if their wasn't this format war going on, the 360 probably would of had a BLUE-RAY or an HD-DVD as part of the console. Of course MS never said they would not include either once the war is over. As much as people want to believe, with a lot of money at stake here, it is far from over.

On another note if there was no HD Media out this gen , you would not hear all these justifications, whining about last gen and excuses. When did we really need a new medium to come out every GEN, only to Erase your good ol' DVD collection every single time after painstakingly collecting your favorites. I mean how many fn times are you gonna have to buy Star wars Trilogy? Every 5 years?

I know we gamers might not care but for the mainstream consumer, they are the ones that can make either format popular.
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THAMMER1  +   3038d ago
Should be a good game.
I would rather find out sooner than later if BR will be a true advantage. So far it has not been explained in a technical way other than more gigs = more space for content. But what about load times and resolutions? When will we see an advantage there? So far compressing DVD's is still working out O.K. or maybe BR will show it’s worth right before the next generation.
Vip3r  +   3038d ago
Looks like BD is playing off for the PS3. Pitty the 360 fanboys can't see that.
God of Gaming  +   3038d ago
But at what cost. The PS3 is 600 dollars.. that may keep it from gaining the numbers it needs to take the market over, meaning all games will be for the most part developed with the 360 in mind. When games like Oblivion and Mass Effect can fit on a DVD-9 its not a NEED at this point. Maybe a few years down the line but then we are looking at the next round of consoles. Its good for those of you who can afford a PS3 right now but having blue ray in the console is really hurting sales numbers (strickly based on cost), if the PS3 was 400 bucks it would be flying off the shelves, I would certainly buy one.

And seriously, most of whats going to be EXTRA on the blue ray discs will be filler.
Gamer13  +   3038d ago
Give me a trailer.
Sick of screens.

IM OUT...///"""
Bathyj  +   3038d ago
I never knew this was for Xbox as well.
I remember ages ago seeing some of them screens when announced for PS3. I hope this isn't going to be dumbed down at all. People are starting to see the light with BR. Within 6 months it will just be a known fact. Looking good.

Nix, you have a point, and I dont want to start a flame war people, but M$ has handicapped multiplat games for this gen. Its becoming more and more apparent. I hope I'm wrong but I fear you will see soon enough I'm not.
God of Gaming  +   3038d ago
So by your logic the PS2 handicaped last gen right? The xbox and Gamecube were more powerful and the Xbox with a built in Hard Drive and ethernet port were obviously more advanced than the PS2. I bet you sing the praises of the PS2 but it was far from the best piece of hardware last gen.

If the developers see a value in adding more content on the Blue Ray version then they will.
THAMMER1  +   3038d ago
You only say that because you would rather blame the 360 for the PS3 under performing. If the hardware was optimal it would not matter. No Xbox owner blamed the PS2 for the original Xbox out performing it. It was better for games in the beginning. The developers have the choice to make the game different if it is in the budget.

GTA III, and GTA SA bother were better on the Xbox when it came to frame rates and draw distances and it was apparent day one. Your logic is not only flawed but backwards. Just because people who have the same preferences agree with you dose not mean you totaly correct. RockStar will come out and say the 360 is a problem if it was that important.
#28.2 (Edited 3038d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
nix  +   3038d ago
thanks bathyj! q:
these xbox fanboys themselves don't know what's happening to their console. i like PS3 but i am not afraid to say that it's too expensive and got no games... but xbox fanboys keep supporting their console and little do they know that apart from great graphics their console is last gen! no motion sensor, no HD-Drive... just like PS2 but with better processor. it was made to simply beat PS2. PS3 is gen away!

come on xbox lovers... why not ask MS to make a console that will atleast last 5 years?!!! but i wonder MS can do that! they have absolutely no vision... they will never be leaders! they just want to walk step by step... too afraid to take a leap.

maybe they just want your money because you will be buying a new xbox every year! tch! tch! tch!

going by how the fast the HD revolution is moving... i won't be surprised if MS comes up with another console in a year just to, mind you, catch up!

seriously, there's a joke which aptly describes them -
how many MS executives will it take to change the light-bulb?
None because MS will say darkness is the standard. q:

@THAMMER (above):

dude.. no developer will come out and say - we're having problem with certain console if they are trying to come out with multi-platform games.. because of the the fear that gamers might not buy game for that console.. then it's a loss for them.

dude.. you can type, it's a feat!!! but ATLEAST use little bit of that brain that god has given you by mistake.

@THAMMER (AGAIN!!!) below:

atleast prove that whatever i just pointed out was wrong... we can always find who is the "blindest" fanboy later.. sigh!
#28.3 (Edited 3038d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
THAMMER1  +   3038d ago
I was going to cut you up but I looked at you comment record and determined it was not worth it to waist any energy on you. Your a low rate fan boy and it is very evident from your comments. So yeah EAT IT.
Bathyj  +   3038d ago
Since you brought it up, last gen I bought the Xbox version of a game almost everytime. Even though I had all the GTA's on PS2 since they came out first, I still got them on XB later. I prefer to have the best version. And yes Xbox game could have been better if they weren't designed with a HD-less console in mind. Look at Blinx. Not possible on PS2.

Look at Halo. Do you think it would have been as good if it was multiplatform and had to run on PS2. No it would have been dumbed way down and the game would have suffered for it. Now tell me catering to the lowest common denominator is the best way to get a great game.

The fact is devs are going to stat with the lowest specs, whether it just be disc space or whatever, I'm not talking graphics power, and then maybe add slight enhancements to the higher spec if they still have time. They are not going to start with the highest, making to game to its absolute best potential and then leave bits out for the lower end.

Its acrap situation that PS3 owners (not so much now but it already shows) will be paying for i the years to come unless devs give the PS3 version the attention it deserves. I'm not that upset though. I'm more interest in the 1st and 2nd party exclusive from Sony themselves and they alreay show awesome promise.

PS, I give credit to you Guys for disagreeing without being childish enough to take bubbles just because I have a different opinion. Good for you.
Shadow Flare  +   3038d ago
"Blu-Ray solves a lot of our problems."
A sentance that can speak a thousand words
xfrgtr  +   3038d ago
The same problem for GTA4,xbox360 is the "old gen",it sucks
VirtualGamer  +   3038d ago
Ok let me try and address some of the things in this thread.
First let me say MS, with the Xbox, set a new standard for consoles. A hard drive and ethernet port in every unit. Sony with the PS2 tried to counter with add on network and hard drive but since they where not standard developers could really not take advantage of these things.

Now lets look at Sony. For the PS1 they introduced the CD as the medium for the console world. With the PS2 it was DVD. Each version trying to offer more to developers and gamers. Not only that but with the PS2 it was the first console to also be able to play DVD movies and moved the PlayStation one step closer to it being just not a games console but a media center.

So Sony comes out with the PS3. Again pushing the envelope with a larger storage medium for developers to use with Blu-Ray. This makes sense on 2 fronts. Once again Sony saw the need for more space in the future then DVD was going to be able to offer. (See comments by Rockstar Games back in 2004) Additionally since the PS2 had set the standard of also being able to play movies and the PS3 is being marketed as a HD Media console it made sense to have it play HD movies as well.

Not only that but Sony learned from what MS did with the Xbox and made sure to include a harddrive and ethernet port as standard in every unit. Initially they where going to not include a HDMI port on the 20GB unit but smartly at the last minute chose to include it. Many Xbox 360 fans gave us Sony fans alot of slack over the fact that Sony was not going to include HDMI in the 20GB version.

So MS comes with the Xbox 360 which does not include a hard drive in every unit. To me this was not a smart move as they in essence took the postion that the PS2 had compared to the Xbox last gen. To me this was definately a step backwards. They also came out with a DVD drive for games and no HDMI out in any unit. They also went on record as stating that 720p was the sweet spot and that they doubted we would see any games in 1080p or that the PS3 was even capable of it. This move did however allow them to come to market a year earlier then Sony and to gain a lead over Sony something that they felt was an advantage to the PS2 over the better tech in the Xbox. If this allows MS to gain market share on Sony then it was a gamble that paid off and to be fair 360 fans seem to be happy with what MS has delivered.

When it became evident that Sony's PS3 was going to have games in 1080p they quickly scrambled and did a software patch to the 360 in which allowed the 360 to upscale games to 1080p. One nice benifit of this however is that this also allowed DVD movies to be upscaled to 1080p something the PS3 as yet, is not able to do and I wish it did.

Addtionally now a year and a half after launching the 360 they have decided to come out with the Elite. Which has a larger HDD (120GB)and a HDMI port. Again it appears to me a move to come closer to matching the PS3 capabilities but yet does not since it still lacks a built in HD drive and it still does not address the lack of hard drive in the core unit.

I have seen 360 fans argue that this gen does not require anything more then a DVD. They state maybe in 3 to 5 years we will see the need however its looking more and more like its happening alot sooner. The nice thing for us PS3 owners is that because we paid more up front we dont't have to worry about any of this. We purchased a console that comes standard with a HDD and thus developers can take advantage of this. We purchased a console that in addition to allowing game developers to take advantage of the addtional disk space we can also watch HD movies and we can do so connecting our unit via HDMI. If I tried to match all the capabilities the PS3 offered going with the 360 I would have paid alot more money then buying a PS3 and still not gotten all the advantages the PS3 offers.

The one key advantage of the 360 at this point is XBL but this to is changing with Sony coming out with Home. Will it be better? Time will tell but Sony certainly is not just taking a we will match MS they are trying to one up them and I actually hope it works because it will then force MS to create and even better XBL. That's what competition does.
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Hayabusa 117  +   3038d ago
The good thing about us 360 owners, is that we payed less. Yet, we still get great games.

I think Microsoft droped the hard-drive because the XBox had it, but it didn't help the console out-sell the PS2.
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