Gamescom Interview: ModNation Racers

Chris Morell: "Since its announcement at E3, I've been dying to see more of ModNation Racers for PS3. At Gamescom last week, I finally got that chance, checking out the game's many track- and character-creating possibilities. To help guide me through it was United Front Games Producer Dan Sochan, who was also there to talk about just how much you can customize ModNation Racers, what to do after you've created a track, and much more."

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grantps33191d ago

LBP esque racing game+4 player splitscreen+ online= awsome sause

JL3191d ago

I didn't watch this interview, so if it's mentioned here don't mind me, but....I thought this game was told to be 2-player splitscreen? Did that change somewhere? Cause I distinctly remember some whiny people b*tching about there not being 4-player and only 2.

SnuggleBandit3191d ago (Edited 3191d ago )

Whoops double post my B

SnuggleBandit3191d ago

it reminds me of diddy kong racing except you can make tracks (awesome)

grantps33191d ago

here is the link.

it was on n4g earlier in the week. It still may be only 2 player, im not sure if this was a conformation and i dont want to re-read it now

JL3191d ago

ah cool. I completely missed that last week.