You Bought A PS3 At Launch. Was That Smart?

LR writes:

"Sony's PlayStation 3 was criticized in it's past for a number of things with the price point being the biggest reason. Over time, many of the PS3's flaws were fixed. Although they were pretty slow improving, eventually we witnessed improvements in the system such as a revamped PlayStation Store, an increased Friends List cap, in game access of the Cross Media Bar and other features that Sony's fans have asked for. Now that 2009 is half-way through and steadily meeting the holiday season, the PlayStation 3 (and PlayStation Portable) look to deliver on an array exciting things..."


We greatly appreciate the feedback in just a days' time. However, there seems to be a misunderstanding. To clear things up for those who didn't read the entire article. I own an original 60GB PlayStation 3. In my eyes, was it smart? It was the best investment I've made in gaming. There is no reason to think this article was to get anyone upset (like I stated in the paragraph above). It was simply meant to show the public how many original 60GB PS3 owners didn't just buy an expensive console, they made an investment. Please take the time to read the article before jumping to conclusions. Thank you.

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ThatCanadianGuy3189d ago (Edited 3189d ago )

One of the best decisions i ever made :)

ATY3189d ago

Yep, gamers love their launch 60gigs like no console before.

morganfell3189d ago

Oh hell yes. I bought a 60GB at launch.

deadreckoning6663189d ago

I didn't buy at launch, but I have a 60gig. No problems yet!

Gue13189d ago

I bought one at launch and it broke... ;_;

I really loved the backward compatibility! So sad... But now I have a PS2 slim so, it is not that sad...

iamtehpwn3189d ago

Then hell yes. Many of us still want this feature.

Otherwise, a new PS3 slim is very handy.

TheHater3189d ago

I been enjoying my PS3 for almost three years now with no regret.

Genesis53189d ago

I think it was. Got a 60 giger with all the bells and whistles and it runs as good today as when I bought it.

HammockGames3189d ago

Hell yes. What kind of question is that?!

IMHO, the launch versions were the best, most complete versions of the PS3.

That doesn't take away from the newer versions, but I wouldn't trade my 60 gb for anything.

gamesR4fun3189d ago

got the 60 gigger after the price drop no regrets nothing but tons of games n i have a full ps2 compatible machine XD

Seraphim3189d ago

have to agree. Amongst the best $600 and some odd change I've ever spent. All those USB ports, backwards comp, 3 solid years of PS gaming... I'd be kicking myself had I not bought a 60GB. ;)

BigPappaPump3189d ago (Edited 3189d ago )

Worth every penny of my hard earned, I love my PHAT 60 gig.

randomwiz3189d ago (Edited 3189d ago )

me too... not launch, but it is a 60gb bought in around May 07.

I dont know how i would live with only 2 usb ports and no card readers as my ps3 is my media console of choice.

1 usb: charging bluetooth(the one that came with warhawk)
2 usb: charging controller
3 usb: rock band
4 usb: flash drive(for transferring movies to console from pc)/ ps eye

PixlSheX3189d ago

I'm a little confused here..
What does the 60Gb PS3 has that the 80Gb PS3 (Motorstorm bundle) don't? Btw i got that ps3. And i'm pretty happy with it.

INehalemEXI3189d ago (Edited 3189d ago )

indeed. It has proven to be a smart purchase years later its still good times and oh man the games on the horizon are looming like a flipping hurricane.

I am declaring a state of emergency for my wallet the rest of this year and going into next spring, its not pretty and its downright ugly when kratos starts spinning those blades, ripping heads off n sh!t.

Bathyj3189d ago

I've wasted money on plenty of things I lost interest in but my launch PS3 is the best Grand I ever spent. Never regreted it for a second.

Any idiot that would sit around now and say bu bu but its so much cheaper now, I say yeah, but you missed 2 years of gaming. I'm not a gamer too save money, I'm a gamer to play games.

BigPappaPump3189d ago

@ 1.13, The 60 version has a built in emotion engine making 100% BC with PS2 games. The 80 version has an emulator that plays most but not all PS2 games.

FlatulentGhost3189d ago

The only way I would ever replace my beloved launch 60 gig is if Sony now took the updated Slim hardware and came out with a new high end PS3:

Same smaller, lower power, and even quieter Slim hardware
120 gig or 300 gig or some big drive
Full hardware BC for PS2 games
USB ports on the front
At least a couple USB ports on the back.
Maybe even something like a second drive bay.

And a flat top so you can set games and controllers easily on it.

That would be the machine that knocks my 60 gig off its throne.

Timesplitter143189d ago

Well I paid 300$ more and got it in 2006 instead of 2009. 300$ is less than a week of summer job

I'd say it's worth it.

Aclay3189d ago (Edited 3189d ago )

Proud 60GB PS3 owner since December 2006, and I'd do it all over again if I had to. I started putting away money for the PS3's launch months before it launched, so price was never an issue for me.... honestly I didn't even care about the price, all I knew was that I wanted Sony's next amazing game console in my house ASAP!!

I paid about $100 dollars more than the suggested retail of $599 because when I got mine (Dec. 06') PS3's were sold out everywhere, but I don't regret it. Plus, it's the great developers and games that Sony has that make it all worth it in the end.

Raptors3189d ago

Am i the only who know ppl who got the YLOD? Pretty much everyone I know with a ps3 has the YLOD or excessive fan noise. I just traded in my 40gb for the new slim so hopefully my fan noise issue is a thing of the past...

Obama3189d ago

I spent 1000 bucks on ps3 and games at launch. Never regret it once.

blind-reaper3189d ago

Definitely worth it, for $300 it gave me thousands of hours of fun

Narutone663189d ago

but I got the 60GB BC PS3 after a year and after a price drop. Swapped out the 60 for a 320 GB. Been playing a lot of GT4 on it lately. I plan to buy a second PS3, later on.

Anon19743189d ago

I do however regret buying a 360 and Wii at launch. Of course, we know what launch 360's were like, and I should have rented the Wii first. It took me a year to finally admit it. I hate the Wii-mote. I mean, good for Nintendo for trying something new, and I've always been a fan so I'm happy for their success - but it just wasn't for me.
Replacing a button press with a waggle of the controller isn't innovation. And pointing at the screen to play, yeah...we've had light gun games before. Making me put a Wii-Mote on my shoulder to pretend it's a rocket launcher doesn't make me want to play. It makes me want to launch my Wii-mote.

Game13a13y3189d ago

the slim is a stripped down bare version of the PS3 (well, don't get me wrong, it is still a beast within). i like how mine has the card reader, 4 USB ports, and the gloss finish and chrome trim.

3189d ago
Gamertags3189d ago

The amount that I spent isn't even close to what I have gotten out of it. I have played this thing maybe 20, 30 times at the max. Nothing to good.

Errr, I feel screwed.

Of well, good stuff is in the works.

clixx333189d ago

Fan noise? Are you sure you're talking about the same console? Please rethink your comment. Thanks.


evrfighter3189d ago

lol I've only ever wanted a ps3 (well it's multiplat now obviously) for final fantasy and just a console in general for my sports games. I'm glad I waited, I'll be pickin one up on thursday. Every other good game to come out this gen has been multiplat and I played em all (will still play em) on the superior platform. It feels great knowing there won't be any buyer's remorse.

SnuggleBandit3189d ago

"Every other good game to come out this gen has been multiplat and I played em all (will still play em) on the superior platform"

that deserves a big LOL!

na2ru13189d ago

For £200 hardly used! From a work mate.

duplissi3189d ago

uh, yeah wow its the best version.

TheHater3189d ago

how can someone actually disagree with me on that fact that I personally enjoy my PS3 for almost three years now? Trolls should not only have their bubble taken away, but their right to post, or even agree or disagree with individuals.

Raptors3189d ago

Maybe you guys shouldn't be so ignorant:

I went through 2 ps3's due to this issue. Its the dirty secret everyone loves to deny...

WMW3189d ago

noone is trying to deny anything its just not a big problem to care about its not like 54% of people are having the same problem as you

MEsoJD3189d ago


Don't Regret a thing.

mal_tez923189d ago

The only question I had about it was: WHY THE F**K DIDN'T I GET ONE SOONER?

IdleLeeSiuLung3189d ago

Yes, it was! Especially if you bought it at the $500 price level with the 5 blu-ray. That is because Sony cut out important features for every new model they introduced!!!

Gantrfaxx3189d ago

And it died half year later, they couldn't repair it. That wasn't smart.

RussDeBuss3189d ago

not one bit, having it a bit quieter would be nice, but if i didn't get my ps3 near launch(about 2 mnonths after) i would have missed out on

resistance 1
ratchet and clank
little big plannet

and blu rays

i considered a 360, but i'm not a halo fan, and any games i did want to play, i could use my friends 360.
also i have many friends that have had more than 1 due to unreliability.

Guido3189d ago

Heck yeah it was. I have the console with BC, card readers, pretty chrome lining, and the satisfaction of having played all the PS3 games launched since then.

This is just another stupid question posed by an ignorant journalist.

Blaster_Master3189d ago

I spent over 800 bucks on a new 60 gig, extra controller and 2 games. Hell no it wasn't worth it. Ridge Racer and Resistance ftl.

FamilyGuy3189d ago (Edited 3189d ago )

My 80Gb PS3:
was only $400
It came with the 5 blu-ray disc mail in offer which i used
It still had some B/C for PS2 games (though I never play them)
It came with memory card readers
It came with 4 USB ports
It came with the beautiful and fun game MotorStorm
It has 80Gbs so that's 20 more than the 60 and for less money
It runs quieter than the 60Gb model (cooler too i guess)
From what I've read about YLOD the 60Gb model are most often the model that catch this rare condition.

It really seemed like the best time to get one, the second best time would be launch and the 3rd best time would be right now (slim runs cooler, consumes less power than all other models, cost less, processes some audio stream people were asking for, has a larger HDD AND integration with Bravia tvs)

cayal3189d ago

Spent $1000 at launch.

Worth every cent and every enjoyable moment.

Lifendz3189d ago

The PS3 has given me countless hours of entertainment both in gaming and blu-ray. I remember when I first showed Planet Earth to my college roomie that didn't know what the difference between blu-ray and dvd was. The fact that I've played games online for free only adds to my enjoyment. And we've all seen the calculations that show how much a launch 360 owner that has played games online has paid in comparison to a launch PS3 owner.

The system is 299.99. I paid almost double that for my launch 60gb. Am I bitter? Heck no. In a weird way I'm sorta happy the system is cheaper so more people can hopefully pick one up and enjoy it as much as I enjoy mine.

After all, the more people that let their live account expire amounts to more pressure on MS to make live free, no? And a free xbox live would be good for gamers everywhere IMO.

inveni03189d ago

Not only that, but the 60gig is the best. THE BEST! In fact, it's so great that I would gladly pay $600 again if something happened to this one.

bunfighterii3189d ago (Edited 3189d ago )

I wish I bought mine at launch. 4 USB ports. 60gig HDD. Backwards compatability with PS2 games. Flash card readers.

I got the stripped down 40gig. :(

arika3189d ago (Edited 3189d ago )

best decision i have ever made! the launch ps3 is the best and most complete edition of the console. the only downside is the 60 gigs, but you can always swap it with a 320 gigs(only 70 bucks in amazon!) w/c i'm planning to do in the near future!

DaTruth3189d ago (Edited 3189d ago )

The only other choice was a 360 or a Wii. That wouldn't have been smart!

60 gig bliss! I remember pondering waiting for a price drop on the PS2; Then I played Oni at a friends house and ran out the next day and bought PS2 with Oni $549CAD(our currency was lower then).

This time I wasn't trying to fool myself!

Bordel_19003189d ago


Couldn't agree more, the PS3 is the best value hardware I ever bought.

Dannagar3189d ago

I too bought a PS3 at launch. Since than, my home was burglarized. Now I have the standard 80 gig system. My original system had a smaller hard drive but had full backward compatibility. That in itself was worth the purchase. I wish I still had it.

andron6663189d ago

I bought a Euro 60 gig launch PS3 and I haven't regretted it for one minute.

Sure I payed a premium price, but I knew that beforehand and saved up for it. I have both BC and actually played through GoW2 on my PS3. I have upgraded it with a 150 gig hd and it's still going strong. What's to regret? The many hours fun I had playing games?

The only thing I don't like about my launch PS3 now, that the Slim definitely does better, is it's power consumption...

Electricear3189d ago

I walked into my local Gamecrazy with my brother on launch day, well after the lines had disappeared, and he jokingly said, "So where's my PS3?" to which the clerk responded, "Well a 20 Gig model just arrived in todays shipment 10 minutes ago, do you want it?" My brother, with his jaw on the floor, hesitated, I didn't.

I would have preferred a 60Gb launch unit to be honest, but a launch day situation like that happens only once, and there were 6 other people in the store who's were ready to snag it if I hadn't. I've not regretted it as I didn't own a ps2, and after I gave it a 120gb brain transplant, it's been serving me and my family to this day.

mastiffchild3189d ago

My launch 60gig is my favourite current gen console by a distance. Sadly I've had one stop reading discs(blu rays)and was thankful I'd signed up to CP(had it replaced like for like within the day!)and avoided the lottery of ringing Sony CS!

It says a lot that I bothered with CP just to ensure if something did go wrong I'd still have the same model. I find the extra USB ports very handy, BC a boon which means I don't need a PS2 in the living room and the full compliment of card readers is very handy as well.

Add into that the games I've played on it and it's been one of the finest consoles I've ever had and the Slim won't be tempting me away from my 60 any time soon! One for bed, though, is highly likely!

JsonHenry3189d ago

I didn't buy one at launch. And I have only gotten minimal gameplay out of it. I probably used it more for Blu-Ray and Xvid than anything else.

At this point, I wish I had never bought one. But if I had more friends that owned a PS3 instead of a 360 I might change my mind.

ia_studio3189d ago

Yes it was, I got a YLOD but I will fix it as soon as I have time... you should ask how much do you love your launch ps3, we all now how much we love that fat black beauty.

mightydog013189d ago

I'm very happy I got 60gig ps3 and I've up graded the hdd to 250gig very cheap... psn as improved alot over time its got great games out now and great games coming this year.....Its the best hardware tek console on the market which sony are well known for........

ShadowCK3189d ago (Edited 3189d ago )

Nope. The console itself was a massive failure and a joke compared to the Xbox 360. It was crucified by the critics at the time and had no good games. Good Job I sold it after Metal Gear Solid 4 flopped.

Oh and Metal Gear Solid Rising is coming to the Xbox 360 right?

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Raoh3189d ago

I think so..

The Ps3 original (except the 20gb model) is probably the best model to date. unlike its competition.. (well 360 as the wii has not changed)

all the features.. all of them.. while the slim brings in some new ones nothing beats original.. the only thing wrong with the original model is the power consumption but you do get the switch off button..

Raoh3189d ago

I clicked reply too soon, my point is that the ps3 is really the only console where you hold your original console like it's the last woman on earth..

my apartment was robbed last december and i had 2 80gb 4 usb ps3's ..

i have a non BC 80gb ps3 now but .. man i miss my 4 usb hubs and memory card slots just as much as i miss my BC....

:( I hope those bastards who broke in both got YLOD....

Kemicalbeliefs3189d ago (Edited 3189d ago )

The switch off button is always used once I've finished for the night. I doubt I'd have waited any longer to buy one so I got one on launch day. I have about 15gb left on the 60gb hard drive and I still play Buzz Junior (PS2) with the kids, so yes, a no brainer purchase.

ukilnme3189d ago

Same here. I'll love it even more once Sony repairs it. Should be getting my box tomorrow.

devilhunterx3189d ago

i noticed this is the 3rd PS3 topic you mentioned about how your PS3 in repairs.

do we care?

DaTruth3189d ago

This confirms my hunch that it's mostly 360 fanboys that get the YLOD!

Kurisu3189d ago

My 60GB bricked on me after they had been discontinued, and Sony replaced it with an 80GB :/