MSNBC: Top 5 best Xbox Live Arcade games

MSNBC writes:
In many ways, Microsoft's online game store (aka Xbox Live Arcade) is more diverse than even the disc-based games typically found in the console. The on-demand service has party games, mini games, colorful games, darker games, mature games, sports games, and even full-blown games - all of which are 60 to 80 percent cheaper than the retail alternative. So for a breath of fresh air, without risking your wallet, try these on for size: the most creative and enjoyable Xbox Live Arcade games.

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GiantEnemyCrab3126d ago

Shadow Complex
Castle Crashers
Splosion Man
Geometry Wars/Geometry Wars 2

A lot more worthy of mentioning but these are my favorites.

Silellak3126d ago

Yeah, this list is pretty fail. No mention of Shadow Complex or Castle Crashers? No thank you.

Chuk53126d ago

No cc, bionic commando or shadow complex, or even splosion man! You can just nail down 5 xbla games, should have been 10. Fundamentally broken list. BTW shadow complex is my goty,just thought id put that out there, lol