New Assassin's Creed English Scans

Over at GamerSwank they got their hands on some new Assassin's Creed scan's. If waiting for the game is to much to bare then head over for some some good looking scans.

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TriggerHappy3906d ago

does not seize to amaze. Will take more assassin info anyday now

Theo11303906d ago

more open than oblivion, it should have said more open than paris hilton

TriggerHappy3906d ago

been able to read those scans yet ? they are way too tiny for me to read,??

SIX3906d ago

I've said it once, and I'll say it again. I've absolutely lost any confidence in Ubi. They have gone on record time and time again saying and proving (Splinter Cell Double agent) That they do NOT have the chops to develop for the PS3. I think that's it's pretty clear at this point that the inferior version will be the PS3's version. I think this sucks, and I refuse to support a lazy developer. Don't get your hopes up folks.

techie3906d ago

uh what a lame thing to say

Saint Sony3906d ago

O_o Now that's the spirit. Just wait and see first, I'm pretty sure this game is equally good on both. Splinter Cell is totally different project, and they started it purely 360 in mind, no reason to bash UBI for that.
They will most likely do some games for only PS3 someday.

techie3906d ago

I also want to explicate what the UBI guys said about Splinter Cell on the PS3. They said this "If we were to port Splinter Cell to the PS3 we would have to downgrade the lighting" (as they found out with Double Agent) they then said "if we were to start making it exclusively for the PS3 we don't know what we'd be able to do."

And as we know the PS3 can have amazing lighting (Motorstorm, F1, HS) so I wouldn't worry about it.

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