Beautiful Katamari Preview with 15 Brand New Exclusive Screens

Beautiful Katamari gets a huge graphical boost, but it's sticking with the award-winning, simple formula that made the game a worldwide success.

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PhinneousD4236d ago

but i'm soo disappointed with the graphics... geezes, r u kidding me? "it's the style of the games" but i call bull... give me at least cast shadows or even 'round objects' that don't look like hexagons. it was fine on the ps2 to pull this type of graphics but seriously now.. common, make it look like an attempt to strive for next gen. don't get me wrong, i'm gonna buy it... but geez, way to take a shortcut.

PhinneousD4236d ago

these have to be screens for the wii version right? :-P

InMyOpinion4236d ago (Edited 4236d ago )

To all japanese developers - DROP THE PS2 EMULATOR! ! !

@PhinneousD ...Sadly it's the 360 version.