Rare: We've been battling against the Xbox demographic

Rare was acquired by Microsoft back in 2002 and has been at the heart of the platform holder's internal development, but only now, with the upcoming launch of Natal, does the developer feel it and Microsoft are on the same page.

Speaking to about Natal prior to gamescom, Rare design director George Andreas explained just why the motion sensing technology is such a big deal.

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All-32975d ago

> "I do feel in many ways that – and I’ve said this to some people as well – for me this is really the first time that Microsoft and Rare are on a very similar path," said Andreas. "We’ve obviously been tasked to create experiences that nobody else can create, which explains things like your Kameos and your Piñatas and your Banjos. But obviously the hardware is aimed at a different demographic, and so we’ve always battled against that.

The hardware may be aimed at a different demographic, but that still doesn't explain why Rare games for the Xbox 360 have fallen short on quality experiences.

N4G king2975d ago

oh Rare

i got nothing else to say

Godmars2902975d ago

they were suppose to be expanding the Xbox's demographic. All they're really saying is that they're not doing their job.

Cajun Chicken2975d ago

Pretty much. But I admit, Nuts and Bolts is actually pretty good.

raztad2975d ago

Nobody see the xbox as the "Nuts and bolts" console, just the contrary the shooter "Halo" console. MS has done nothing to change that image, its not enough to bring some rpgs in, you need to promote them more and less Halo.

Rare said everything: "We are battling against xbox demographics" == teens playing Halo, Gears and cod4.

Lightsaber2975d ago

kameo was a great game that should of sold really well but there was no marketing behind it.

"teens playing Halo, Gears and cod4."

I play gears and I'm havent been a teen for a loooooong time

Halo_Reach2975d ago

No more RaRe hardcore games...

Confirmed.RaRe u can leave MS.


Godmars2902975d ago

Or rather, Rare's founders got fired after what? The second Viva Pinata?

TheMART2975d ago

"N4G king - 3 minutes ago

Ignore2 -
oh Rare

i got nothing else to say "

Then just STFU and get the f*ck out to the BluRayStation 3 slim news or the KZ2/Resistance 2/Motorstorm 2 pricedrop to 29,95 failures!

The gaming GOD2975d ago

Isn't that the same kind of thing you do when YOU go to ps3 new articles?

At least he didn't say anything remotely fanboy like the way YOU always do. Even your reply is fanboy orientated.

"Then just STFU and get the f*ck out to the BluRayStation 3 slim news or the KZ2/Resistance 2/Motorstorm 2 pricedrop to 29,95 failures!"

PirateThom2975d ago

Hahahaha, Mart's having a complete mental breakdown as the PS3 kicks ass worldwide.

Man_of_the_year2975d ago

Well when you are behind, i guess the only thing infront of you is the ass that you need to kick...

Boody-Bandit2975d ago (Edited 2975d ago )

Sorry Thom but MotY is an expert so he might be on to something.
Like your ass! ;)

The odd thing I am noticing from all the responses in the gamer and open zone is nobody is giving MS any grief for this at all. Why was Rare once great until MS took over? Are people saying MS has no influence what so ever over a company they own?

I have been waiting for ever for a sequel to Kameo, Conker, Kill Instinct, a new PD0 or Golden Eye spin off, or an entirely new IP from Rare and all we got was a sequel Viva Pinata and a vehicle based Banjo.

Shouldn't MS share some of the blame for Rare fallen from grace?

Oh come on MotY I was just making light of the Open Zone. It wasn't personal it's just my sense of humor. I guess it doesn't appeal to everyone.

BTW are you offering or just mocking me?
Don't get my hopes up big boy!

Man_of_the_year2975d ago (Edited 2975d ago )

Funny how Brutallyhonest converts a non-homosexual comment into a homosexual comment...Gee i wonder what is on Brutallyhonest's mind...Gay much there Brutallyhonest? Why is homosexual thoughts going on in your mind.

MS wanted to have a bit of everything on the console. So they had RARE make games that are targeted to a different demographic than what the other games coming out were targeting. The 360 has plenty of shooters, fighters, racing games, WRPG's, JRPG's etc. So MS wanted RARE to create some games for the younger and female audiance's out there to show that there is something for everyone on the 360. i didn't think this was so hard to think of...well in the case of Brutallyhonest's mind which is full of homosexual acts, i can see why this thought never came to him.

Eye for an eye...right.

No hard feelings.

Boody-Bandit2975d ago (Edited 2975d ago )

You make a me so horny!
Me love you long time! :)

Dang dude relax already. Some one sure seems a little homophobic. Maybe you should talk to your pastor, preacher or find a good counselor who can help you out with that hate you carry around inside. Hate will kill yah man. Let it go. Smile and be happy. Remember puff, puff, pass. ;) <-- just joking Im too old for that sh!t any more.

I purchased Kameo, Conker (remake on the original XBox) and PD0 so I guess that makes me the younger audience? What is it with people that tag platform titles like the ones mentioned above and Ratchet and Clank type titles as kid games?

So I guess I'm a kid in a man's body and kids that play mature rated titles are the opposite. I mean if you really think about it more kids play adult rated games online that adults do. At least that has been my experience. Online gaming makes me feel old some times.

Most of my "adult" friends like those "kiddie games" more than most of the kids I know do. We grew up playing those types of games. What's wrong with still enjoying them today?

Edit: MotY it's all in good fun.

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