MSXB - Exclusive Forza 3 GamesCom 09 cam footage

Take a look at some exclusive driving action from Turn 10's forthcoming racer Forza 3. Is this the definitive racing game this generation?

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The Almighty PS3rd2953d ago

Holy cow that looks sweet. AAA games coming in September, October and then November for 360! :)

d0nT wOrrY2953d ago

Congrate, don't forget 54.2%


FlipMode2953d ago

Last time I checked 54% was greater than 10%.

tatotiburon2953d ago

and last time i checked you all fanboys claimed that it was just 4%

FlipMode2953d ago

And last time I check 360 fanboys claimed it was fixed from the japser/falcon chip.

kaz-hirai2953d ago

Good for chatboxes since they will settle for poor quality e.g. Xbox 360 ;-P !!!!

While i will play GT5 with its many more cars, WRC, NASCAR, Day & Night Cycle and weather ;-D !!!!

You stick to your half assed simulator :-D!!!

tatotiburon2953d ago

LOL and of course you are 100% confident that all the people who voted have or had a jasper unit....nice try droid

BloodyNapkin2953d ago

Last time i checked some just asking random people doesn't qualify as true facts. So you throw egg's in the GameInformer basket and believe it is true. Until some hard data is showed that article was a major fail. And i asked the same 5,000 people how many owned a 360 and only 32% of them did.

Man_of_the_year2953d ago

Anyone who believes that the gameinformer poll actually represnts a 54% failure rate for the 360 is a complete moron.

This just in, i conducted a poll of 5000 people (same amount of people used in the gameinformer poll) and asked them how many had to pay over $200 to have there PS3's fixed after the 1 year warrenty had expired...results show that 100% of all 5000 people had to have their PS3's fixed and paid for it as well.

What you don't believe me...what you are saying that all the people i polled were 360 fanboys who lied in the poll. Well sucks to be you if you don't believe me, since you want to believe gameinformer.

Tarasque2953d ago

I will take more tracks than more cars any day of the week. And i will take damage and car customization over Nascar and day/night cycle any day, i mean seriously how long are you going to be driving to go through a day night cycle. WRC is a nice addition but i will be playing Dirt 2.

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ThaGeNeCySt2953d ago

Rewind is a feature i'll NEVER use. But I can not WAIT for this to drop.

creeping judas2953d ago

I'll use it only if there is an achievement for winning a race by using rewind. Other then that, no thanks!! But at least the choice is there.

Raf1k12953d ago

It's all part of making the game more accessible to those who wouldn't normally be interested in a sim racer.

It should also help to increase the size of the sim racer market.

It's not really a feature I'd expect in a sim racer but it's not doing any harm either so it's all good IMO.

The Master Chief2953d ago

Yea it will be good for noobs like me who want to learn how to be good. Forza 2 was just too hard for me.

Game13a13y2953d ago (Edited 2953d ago )

what if you are racing online against other human players can you still use rewind? what if you are racing in real life can you rewind? its too unrealistic for a racing "sim" if you ask me.

green2953d ago

"what if you are racing online against other human players can you still use rewind?"You can not rewind if your playing online.

"what if you are racing in real life can you rewind?"If your complaining about rewind then you must complain about the inclusion of a RESTART button every so called sim racing gaming.Because last time i checked professional racing can not be restarted just because a driver wants to in real life.

Game13a13y2953d ago

uh... how can you compare totally restarting the game with just rewinding a mistake that you make in a split second. its like in a fighting game, you can rewind whenever you miss a fireball or you didn't get your opponent with a 10 hit combo, it just doesn't work that way. i mean you can restart the match and play fair and square again, but rewinding?

Sitdown2953d ago

Is having any other view other than the c ockpit defeating the point of racing games? What about green/yellow/red arrows on the ground that show you how to brake or take a turn?

JokesOnYou2953d ago

Yeah, I believe you probably will NEVER use the rewind feature, but I bet the majority of the people complaining about it will be the same ones abusing the hell out it. lol


jib2953d ago

ill never use it in a race. i would use it in practice to learn the different optimum turning method for the different new tracks i haven't raced on

likedamaster2953d ago

Games are about fun. You want to play seriously, switch it off. All Forza 3 is giving you is the option.

Btw, after using rewind a whole lot in GRID I use it minimally now but its good to know that it's there if I need it.

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Kroganwrex2953d ago

This game looks fantastic.

Fleet Fox2953d ago

that must be why Gran Turismo is just trying to keep up with Forza in features...

lokiroo4202953d ago

Ooops did i ruin the sad little forza slogan, lmao.

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N4G king2953d ago (Edited 2953d ago )

actually forza is the wanan be

GT is a 50 million unit franchise
with its own concept cars
car manufactures are making concept cars just for GT

citroen GT is the latest one

with 1000 car in it

GT is the king

damage is the only thing that GT doesn't have
and that because car manufactures treats GT as a show room
because they know its a world wide brand
that why they wont license damage to their cars in GT
while they treat forza as just another game

2953d ago
lokiroo4202953d ago (Edited 2953d ago )

You forget the other half of GT's features, you know the ones not in forza, its ok you can have your goku paint job, lmao.

Pizzagaki2953d ago


Even need4speed hot persuit, an age old psx game had concept cars.
Dont act like its special to have concept cars.

Besides, F3 got 400 cars, i bet at least one of them is a custom design, just for this game.

kalebgray922953d ago

so forza got owned by a portable game .... dont use that stat ever again

bnaked2952d ago

N4G king may be a little bit fanboyish, but this is correct:

"that because car manufactures treats GT as a show room
because they know its a world wide brand
that why they wont license damage to their cars in GT
while they treat forza as just another game"

sad, but true..

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