25 Reasons Why "Ditching" Sony Is A Bad Idea

HBMag writes:

"Our readers know that our website was created as a platform to release information and exclusive articles about PlayStation Home. There has always been somewhat of a passion for hating PlayStation Home and everything it stands for among the industry. As I scrolled through a list of articles created by other websites, I came across one from titled "Top 25 Reasons to Ditch Sony" and while we aren't replying to it as a call out to say "you're wrong", I did thought it would be fun to make an opposing article, somewhat similar to what created. They did decide to take a hit at Home, so it wouldn't be entirely off topic. After the jump, we basically describe why that list is wrong on so many levels..."

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FlipMode3131d ago (Edited 3131d ago )

Anyone took that ridiculous article seriously. Sony keeps giving quality I ain't going anywhere.

Tony-A3131d ago

It sounded like someone was a bit ticked off that Sony's Slim is getting all of the positive press.

Megaton3131d ago (Edited 3131d ago )

Yeah I mean it was written by Chris Buffa, the man can't help himself. PS3 hate runs through his veins. I seriously wouldn't be surprised to find out that he's the person behind the frequently banned 360 superfanboy accounts here like "pp".

RedPawn3131d ago

I barely need one reason, let alone 24 more.

SnuggleBandit3131d ago (Edited 3131d ago )

Good counters to that lame article

looks like the disagree fairy is out...

KenGoSONY3131d ago (Edited 3131d ago )

It's getting personal, i am afraid. No need to get all over it!

Sony is still confident our strategic plan to get PlayStation 3 back is to win like it's predecessors!



AKNAA3131d ago

I luv how these Positive articles about the PS3 quickly counters & Bashes the anti-Sony articles! Lol! Good stuff guys!

I didn't read the 25 reasons not get a PS3, simply because I, myself couldn't even think of one reason?!?!

RedPawn3131d ago

Like I was saying M$ is, a sorry, sad excuse of a company to be in the games industry.
Whatever sweet spot you think a console is in, only tells craptastic developers, "I would like another helping of B.S. Please."

Maddens Raiders3131d ago (Edited 3131d ago )

wtf industry is he talking about? The sittin' at home in dirty skivvies writing shyt articles, industry? You write what you know not, fugazi..

This article is for people who like to watch 2girls1cup in slow motion.

Sanzee3131d ago (Edited 3131d ago )

If you would have just gave GameDaily a chance, you'd see that it's going to have an article for Microsoft as well. They already did one for ditching Nintendo, next up was Sony, and last will be Microsoft. All you had to do was f*cking wait, but instead you had to react like a little pu55y. GameDaily is not a Microsoft fanboy website. They're going to have a Top 25 reasons to ditch the Xbox 360 too! God you people aren't gamers, you're whiney little b*tches.

Maybe pre-ordering a PS3 slim was a bad idea on my part. I don't want become like you guys. You're rediculous. You can't even argue fairly. You just say the same thing over and over... RRoD. Read the responses to my comment... see how many of them talk about the RRoD. That' it. That's all PS3 owners have. The PlayStation 3 intrigues me, but it has a piss-poor fanbase. They don't support it by supporting the actual console, they support it by bashing the Xbox.

Except for N4PS3G... now that's a respectable PS3 fanboy. He's got more weapons than one!

Guido3131d ago (Edited 3131d ago )

Of course the only people that took it seriously are the idiots and Xbox fanturds that have becoming the scourge of the net in every way possible. Heck, we all know that the GameDaily staff is a bunch of turds so no, those of us with a real sense of gaming never take them seriously.

@ Sanzee

Give me a break man. No matter how many times they skin that article for each of the three companies, it does not make it right. What it does do however is prove that GameDaily is full of douchebaggery.

nycredude3131d ago


Your logic doesn't make sense. So it should be ok to write complete BS of a console so long as you write it about all three?

Is it ok to be a racist ass as long as you are that way against all races?

The point is the Gamesdaily article was BS and should be considered news. Useless BS to attract hits and gamers flock to it like flies on dung!

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Lfmesquite3131d ago (Edited 3131d ago )

I saw that 25 reasons to ditch Sony article in the failed department but to my shock I just came to N4G right now and saw it in the front page again with 250 comments.

Maybe it's time for me to start ditching N4G because they're starting to allow spam in order to fire up fanboys or something.

That 25 reasons article is just ridiculous. If you look at the article rating on the actual website it came from, it has rating of 1 star out of 5 and everyone on there is just calling out the author for his blatant fanboy crap.

The PS3 slim is $299, free online, WIFI, blu ray player, just about all the third party games on the market and a the largest collection of first party games, Sony has more first party studios than Microsoft, so of course they're starting to pump out more first party exclusives.

The PS3 slim doesn't play PS2 games, but neither does the XBOX 360. And I've seen some articles be as bold as to take a shot at the PS3 slim because it doesn't have linux or whatever, that's getting pretty desperate man.

I've seen so many anti PS3 slim articles and there's no more reason at all. They have no argument anymore. Are the PS3 haters beaten or what? It seems some websites have stopped pulling punches now. Maybe a sign they're in trouble.

rucky3131d ago

PS3 haters just can't call themselves a gamer. They can chose 360 as their preferred console that's fine but to bring down Sony with amount of high-quality games they keep pumping out is ridiculous.

-MD-3131d ago

You're a 360 hater so according to your own opinion you aren't a gamer.

-MD-3131d ago

Oh look disagrees how nice. Don't bother explaining yourselves just keep hitting the button.

I don't expect much from you people but please... surprise me once n' awhile.

TheDeadMetalhead3131d ago

You're a PS3 hater calling rucky a 360 hater. And before you say that you own both consoles, owning them both does not make you unbiased.

Also, I looked at rucky's comment history out of curiosity. Aside from negative comments about the 360's failure rate (which we all can agree is simply too high) and 360 fanboys, I saw nothing in his comment history that implies that he hates the 360.

And that is why I clicked on disagree. :3

Marojado3131d ago

Chris Buffa loves to stir the old pot, people shouldn't take his articles so seriously.

rucky3131d ago (Edited 3131d ago )

I hate the 360 more as a consumer than a gamer. There are some 360 exclusive games I find interesting like Lost Odyssey and GeOW. You can call me a fanboy yeah but that only happened cause of the way the PS3 is negatively treated by the media.

ultimolu3131d ago

rucky, don't bother explaining yourself to murderdolls. He won't listen.

I hate the 360 as a consumer but I never hated on the games. I was also interested in a few games and was planning on buying one last Christmas but the RROD hasn't been fixed permanently. I only made fun of the 360 because 360 faithfuls think it's fun to bash the PS3 and Sony.

Microsoft, instead of talking trash about their competition should have been fixing the 360 to the fullest.

Marojado3130d ago

Bashing can be fun when you're in one of those moods I guess, but two wrongs don't make a right :P

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Apocalypse Shadow3131d ago

reliability,free online,free 3D community,free wifi,bluray,upgradeable hdd without void of warranty and sony's risk taking from in house developers?

does dvd,no hard drive as standard,being charged for online play,charged for over priced accessories,unreliability,bare ly any in house developers for all those billions that microsoft has....

deserve gamer's support?

does using dvd,no HD,no HDD,no video playback,no real online play,first party games that lack core..or should i say nintendo abandoning their core for casual and rehashes of gamecube games for new control methods...deserve gamers support?

abandon sony and you abandon change,uniqueness and tech forward risk taking.

i won't be one of those individuals.


TheDeadMetalhead3131d ago (Edited 3131d ago )

This is the second article I've read today that was responding to that crap "25 reasons to ditch Sony" article. I might as well just make a "25 reasons to ditch your 360" article on my site and submit it...

(Not that I would ever do something like that...well I probably wouldn't >.>)

Knightrid8083131d ago

Nah don't bother. In doing so you'd just stoop as low as the author of the article that started it all.

TheDeadMetalhead3131d ago (Edited 3131d ago )

Of course, of course. :P

DelbertGrady3131d ago

B-b-but teh media are against Sony!

sunil3131d ago

yes they sure are...

there are a very few real journalists who want to publish the truth...

we live in a world of LIES

DelbertGrady3131d ago (Edited 3131d ago )

Indeed. This piece and that similar garbage from PlaystationLifestyle certainly wasn't written by any real journalists.

It's just fanboy drivel that you insecure droids cook up to defend your precious PS3 from the truth.

Gamedaily's list was a joke. They made one about Nintendo before and will make one about MS as well. Get over it.

TheDeadMetalhead3131d ago

"and will make one about MS as well."

Wanna bet?

frnkyl3131d ago

Why blame only the droids? Bots do it too, don't be one-sided, they're just as bad as the other.

DelbertGrady3131d ago

No they don't. Show me some of the "25 reasons MS is teh best" articles. You won't find any.

frnkyl3130d ago

I guess you've missed the "Too little Too late" articles huh?

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