Steampunk Xbox 360 Mod Gives Off Some Good Vintage Style

Walyou: "We already know how popular the Xbox 360 game console is, but is always fun to see some cool Xbox Mods from creative and artistic fans from around the world wide web
. This beautiful Steampunk styles Xbox 360 Mod just gives off some good vintage style and make for an art piece and could stand alone without the gameplay or features.

Unlike the Steampunk PS3 Mod we seen before, not many details are provided about the about the actual development of this particular Xbox mod. Still, Xbox fans will not be let down with the remarkable depth and details that are seen at every image of this wonderful creation."

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Voozi2980d ago

That's pretty awesome

ShabzS2980d ago

the first one is probably the BEST mod i've ever seen ... oh my god !!

Voozi2979d ago

Lol really late reply, but wow that Gears one is pretty awesome. Even for those not a fan of Gears, or not a big fan such as myself, still gotta appreciate the level of detail in that.