Wii Mini USB Cooling Fan

China based game accessory maker Firstsing offers a mini USB Cooling Fan for the Nintendo Wii console.

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ITR4034d ago

Cool idea.

Now if I can get a keyboard and a mouse to work via USB or Bluetooth.

T-Virus4034d ago

This could end up in a disastor, lift the Wii up and fly it around.

PS360WII4034d ago (Edited 4034d ago )

Cuz that's how much you'd be peeing away if you buy that thing -.-

but yeah bring on the keyboard and mouse ^^

ITR4034d ago

Probably $20 bucks or so.

Alymon4034d ago

The Wii runs quiet and cool. This product is a waste of money. I understand the PS3 and the 360 run hot and extra fans/ventilation make sense for them.... but the Wii? Come on... get real.

Covenant4034d ago

Why? The Wii doesn't need any extra cooling help; it does just fine on its own. However much this costs, it's a waste of money.

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