When Designing a Game Level Becomes a Crime

A high school student was removed from his school and sent to an "Alternative Education Center" for designing a game level that looks like his school and playing it with his friends. Did this kid have emotional problems? Did the designed level feature defenseless students to be mowed down? Nope. Oh, and let's not forget the kid is Asian.

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Pheneus4240d ago

I am glad I am not the only one who can see that it is human nature to vent frustrations through violent means. Anyone who has been on xbox live or teamspeak for a couple of games can tell you there are literally millions of gamers who get out a lot of aggression healthily through games and yet only a tiny fraction of a percent of them ever lash out in real life, much less go on a killing spree. I find it amusing that the public at large are willing to accept placing the blame for these actions on media when the people in question have severe mental instability, are usually severely socially isolated and often not only receiving treatment for their instabilities but are also on psychotropic medication. So despite a person being a sociopathic, manic depressive, bipolar, suicidal hermit, it was all GTA:SA's fault. Riiight.

saber1344240d ago

of all of this is how people are now trying to pre-emptively stop another tragedy from happening by profiling based on stereotypes rather than doing it the right way: By making sure that people who have been labeled mentally ill by doctors don't get their hands on guns.

XxZxX4240d ago

No worry, this is U.S, we're talking about. I seen this so many times. We called that first year paranoia. Soon people will forget about it and life will continues until the next shootout. Suck for the kid, really bad timing for him. If anything, I believe the stupid punishments is the one that will eventually push this kid over the edge. "Punish me for something that is shouldn't, I will make it worth"