Is Bill Gates a Bully?

Speaking of Bill Gates's management style, a former employee alleged that he is a bully who spends most of his time in presentations with his eyes shut. The employee in question is Tom Evslin who built most of the server products in Microsoft's backoffice.

He also revealed that during presentations Bill was likely to burst out and say, "that's the dumbest f***ing idea I've heard since I've been at Microsoft". Furthermore he said that you "will be just as much blamed for doing the wrong thing because [Bill] told you to as you will be if you did it all on your own".

It appears that Bill has a very dominating way of managing and this ended up rubbing off on workers down the line who copied his bullying tactics as they thought being rude would make them just as smart and rich. Unfortunately it also meant that people who could have contributed to the company were frightened away and left prematurely.

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PS360WII4215d ago (Edited 4215d ago )

Is it really being a bully or is it being the boss of a multi-billion dollar business? Mistakes are a lot higher in his corp that in any other where one mistake could cost many hundred million compared to a few thousand by some other standard company. Sounds to me this 'ex-worker' just couldn't take the heat of the hussle and bussle of the heavy competitive workforce.

bootsielon4215d ago

You can pretty much see how a company is lead by seeing how it's doing and its products. Are their products of poor quality? Is the company growing as fast as it used to do?

I think we can pretty much agree that there is no Microsoft product that isn't all messed up with quality issues (or lack of it, to be precise). Microsoft's stock has stagnated lately. It seems to me that Bill gates doesn't want to take responsibility of his failures, but instead blame it all on the people that work for him; but of course, he takes credit for everything Microsoft succeed's in.

It's very similar to how the Xbox team has done. If they do good "Oh we're the best leaders of the gaming industry, EVER". If they're taking a beating in Japan "Oh, it's not our fault. It's the Japanese". When you mention them the red ring of death "It's not our fault, it's the way the consumer handles the Xbox 360".

Plasmana4215d ago

You're so right!!!! It is soooo obvious that Microsoft is a complete commercial failure. I predict they won't make it through the end of the year.

PS360WII4215d ago (Edited 4215d ago )

about the quality of their work or the fact that the stock is being stagnat. I was talking about what a boss does. They make their employees work. They aren't there to be buddies or pals. They want them to produce. Am I wrong? Seems to be with people disagreeing with me. News to me that buisnesses don't want to make a profit

PS3 Owns All4215d ago

I'll knock him out with 1 clothesline! But if he's talking about power abuse as in $$$, then yeah he must be bullying some people. He probably pushes them. As they say ''Those with power, use it!''

tk4215d ago

Many top company execs are bullies. MS is known for their strong arm tactics in the market. It comes from the top - Steve Balmer is no exception. But... it worked for them.

Many would view the Linux kernel devs as prima donnas and bullies as well. It worked for them, so why the gossip. If you don't like them then don't whine, buy something else. That goes for every other company.

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TriggerHappy4215d ago

he is all about choices, he let you choose one of the 6 or 7 version of Vista each with the SAME price. He is going to continue supporting Windows Xp until later this year so everyone has to get VISTA. Is all about choice.

Waffle-boy4215d ago

...and seems to be either fake or very over-the-top.

zonetrooper54215d ago

Lol that did make me laugh and MS are supporting Windows XP until 2009. At the moment Windows Vista is pointless, over priced and nothing really works well with it, wait until the end of this year or next year for it to come down in price, some better DirectX10 games and graphics cards.

Frulond4215d ago (Edited 4215d ago )

I read here some news about XP being supported only until next year. Sounded to me kind of like an ultimatum "move to vista or die!". MS has always been about making software that will last 2-3 years and then a big upgrade comes and they force you to get it meaning more money for them. I just wish I could move to mac since I'm tired of this crap.
I'm not going to move to vista until I really have to, cause for me its crappy at hell having to have 1024MB RAM just to run the dam OS which means I'll have to get 2048MB if I move to vista cause some of the software i use drains memory bad during processes.

techie4215d ago

Who cares. It works, whatever he's doing.

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