Retail Scoop: New Releases Week of August 25, 2009

TripleChat is happy to bring you the new releases each week for the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 2, and PlayStation Portable. Along with all the new releases for each console; TripleChat also gives the scoop on what to expect in new bluray movies and how hyped you should be to either upgrade from DVD or buy for the first time.

This Week: For those who wanted to see a selection of new games instead of just one (unlike the past 2 weeks), gamers are in luck. The selection is pretty one-side but that's beside the point. This week the much anticipated release of Batman Arkham Asylum is finally here for PS3 users. On the PSP front - the semi-hyped up DISSIDIA Final Fantasy comes out as well as Warriors Orochi 2. New for the PS2 is the sequel of Mana Khemia and this week on PSN TripleChat can confirm the release of Invincible Tiger: The Legend of Han Tao.

Bluray wise, another solid week for TV show fans as Smallville (one of the first shows to go blu) releases its latest season and FOX's new drama Lie to Me makes its debut. On the movie front there is a non-Twilight related Kristen Stewart flick from the director of the insane comedy Superbad. And from the makers of the low-budget, but highly praised Little Miss Sunshine, the lovely Amy Adams stars in Sunshine Cleaning. For fans of the Devil May Cry video game franchise, the complete anime series makes its mark this week (exclusively on bluray).

Also posted are a few good incentive into buying this week's releases but nothing any gamer should be too excited about.

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