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Submitted by sub85 2361d ago | video

Modern Warfare 2: embarrassing mistakes in gamescom presentation?

A visitor of gamescom 2009 just recorded a video, which shows some scenes from a Modern Warfare 2 presentation. Strange: The protagonist of the game dies. But not by a bullet hail of enemy troops, but in a crash with the snowmobile. After that incident the demonstrator aborted the presentation. (PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

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Razzy  +   2361d ago
Crash or not that is one impressive looking title. The Snowmobile chase was intense! Hopefully they'll have any bugs worked out by release.
josuttis  +   2361d ago
"Crash or not that is one impressive looking title."

For a Wii title.

For a next gen game the graphics are absolutely embarrassing.
fusionboxer  +   2361d ago
Nothing to see here
In every presentation of this snowy area infinity ward has never shown anything past the snow mobile section. It's no bug, glitch, embarrassing mistake during their presentation or whatever. The presenter probably just wanted to show you can crash on the snow mobile and ended it there.

It just seems like their (IW's) way of saying "Look your controlling this thing and it's not just another shooter on rails like in past vehicle sections of our games".

Also what's up with all the recent hate on Modern Warfare 2? Infinity Ward has yet to fail to deliver an engaging "short, but sweet" experience through it's scripted events, multiplayer and responsive game play so why?

Sure it's no uncharted 2 (omg uncharted), but it's still a title to look forward to along with the rest of this years amazing line up.
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shingo  +   2361d ago
is this news a joke?
he didn't crash or anything, that's how the demo build ends.

what a lame news story. i had to watch the whole vid to see the part they're claiming, but it isn't there.

why on earth is this story approved?
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ShabzS  +   2361d ago
game looks great ...
and if you think this game looks like a wii game then you need to get your eyes checked... iw knows their sh*t...

other wise show me an fps running on 60 frames with the ammount of action on screen while looking that good... otherwise gtfo
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Walther   2361d ago | Spam
morganfell  +   2361d ago
I don't believe that was a bug.

However, after the AI bugs in COD4 I wouldn't have been surprised had it been one. If there is one thing that IW can't do it is AI. COD4 was one of the most tightly scripted, linear games ever. Death by Developer in the Bog because you thought creatively is the very mark of how narrow that game runs.

When you have a story to tell, you automatically induce a certain amount of formula or linearity to a game. However you can build in areas of free roam encounters. IW isn't capable of engineering pockets in a game where you are able to have mini sandbox confrontations with AI. There is hope because Naughty Dog does this better than anyone.
AnttiApina  +   2361d ago
@ 1.1
The OP implified that the action was impressive.
Go back to play your top notch graphicfests.

The gameplay and the feeling is the most important aspect.
Good graphics are just a way to enhance them.
foxtheory  +   2361d ago

Related video
D4RkNIKON  +   2361d ago
^^^ Proof is in the video, to deny it is just honst blind fanboyism SERIOUSLY take off the fanboy goggles for one single second
Yeah I totally agree, this game will have multiplayer gameplay the likes of which will blow our minds with awesomeness, but after playing killzone 2 religiously for so long, the graphics in MW2 suck something awful.
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ShabzS  +   2361d ago
@ fox theory
respect to gg and killzone 2 ... but.. uhh.. 60 frames per second ?
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Blackfrican  +   2361d ago
Hmm, a soldier shooting his pistol sideways... Might as well put KFC sponsors on his snowmobile, bling him the hell out, and have 50 cent throwing out one liners.
foxtheory  +   2361d ago
It may not be 60fps, but it looks just as smooth as MW2 and has the same amount of action. I'm not trying to say one is better than the other, but KZ2 has lots of action on the screen and looks good at the same time.
beavis4play  +   2361d ago
i'll say it, foxtheory.......i'm not bothered by people giving me crap if i think i'm being accurate in my statements. and after watching that vide...
1. my appreciation of KZ2 just went to a much higher level.
2. it didn't look like a glitch in the presentation. it just looked like what could happen if snowmobiles were going that fast and were that close together.
3. infinity ward has got to be kidding with this, aren't they? voice acting that is beyond terrible and enviroments that look awful. plus, don't even get me started on the gameplay of the anyone could hit ANY target while riding on those snowmobiles. (considering the speed and roughness of the terrain). lol

edit: at're kidding right? and i guess ME2 will be substandard under your 60fps theory, right? because i wouldn't agree there either....ME2 looks to be an incredible game.
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DonCorneo  +   2361d ago
i love cod4's single-player
you can actually beat the game without killing anybody.. just keep on running to the next trigger point and let your immortal teammates do all the shooting.. LMAO!!!!

multi is a actually good, though. this is the only game where i was was able to kill the same guy/gal 5 times in a row in about 15 seconds.. or getting killed twice by the same airstrike.. thanks to the broken spawning points..
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LazyDevs  +   2361d ago
It doesn't matter to all the fanboys posting Killzone 2 this and that. No reason for MW2 to beat Killzone 2 when Killzone 2 is not as even as good as MW1 gameplay wise. The one and only Killzone 2 has going for it period is the so called graphics.

Guy above you might let your squad do that on easy or normal but it won't happen at higher settings.
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Domenikos  +   2361d ago
Who cares,,,
Everyone will get this game (including me) for some multiplayer pandemonium...

cant wait for MW2
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krouse93  +   2361d ago
Actually I watched it twice and he crashes into a team mate i think or another dude on a snowmobile and he flies up into the air and dies thats not how it is supposed to end.
umair_s51  +   2361d ago
What's with the MW2 hate? I say hate activision not IW.
morganfell  +   2361d ago
MW2 is the club Activision will employ to bludgeon gamers. Kids too dumb to realize will keep walking into swing range. You either send a strong message to them or you just bend over. Take your pick.
jwatt  +   2361d ago
reply to umair_s51
The reason why there is so much hate towards Modern Warfare 2 is because it's very popular and it's not exlusive to the ps3. When something becomes the top dog, people want to see it go down, It's like that with everything. COD 4 is one of the best games I've played this generation. If you don't like it that's ok but alot of people are going to buy it becuase it will be one of the top shooters this year weather it's ps3 exclusive or not.
Hobadoon  +   2361d ago
josuttis writes: "For a next gen game the graphics are absolutely embarrassing. "
"For a next gen game the graphics are absolutely embarrassing. "

Absolutely embarrassing?? That just shows you how F'ing stupid some people are on this site. I still say about 15% of this sites members are actual gamers. The other 85% are PMSing fanboys.

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cyborg6971  +   2361d ago
What the phuck does the ps3 have to do with anythind d!ckhead. The reason for the hate is because my grandma can get an airstrike. It's a twitchy heavy aim assist not talent fps that any1 can pick up and play. Mag and operation flashpoint look better than the same old cod MP. Maybe it's because I've played all of em. But the ps3 has nothing to do with the hate phuckturd.
beavis4play  +   2361d ago
jwatt, you have a right to your opinion.........but I'VE A RIGHT TO MINE.
i don't base my opinion of the game (mw2) on previous infinity ward COD offerings. it's also not based on the perceived popularity of the games. it's based on the info presented (like this trailer) by different sites.
what i've seen on this footage (and other trailers) does NOT impress me at all. i'm sure those who have bought into the COD series will "eat this up" without question. for those who enjoy it.......good for them. but i'm not buying a game just because others love it.
as for not liking it because it's not a ps3 exclusive.....i can only speak for myself. and i DON'T buy (or prefer) games solely based on if they are exclusive or not. i didn't buy infamous. i didn't buy LBP even though i LOVE animated games. (i played it in walmart and thought it handled kind of "wonky") i may not buy FF13vs if i don't see enough to like. i did buy bioshock; looking forward to mafia 2 (both are multi-plats; and would buy ME2 (the story looks kick ass) and L4D1/2 (zombie killing like what should have been in RE5) if they came to ps3.........these are NOT ps3 exclusives and in fact are currently 360 exclusives.

get over yourself. i don't pretend that everyone has to like (or dislike) what i like/dislike. so don't make false assumptions about others opinions just because they aren't in line with what you believe.
II Necroplasm II  +   2361d ago
You people are stupid to downplay those graphics. We all know if it wasn't an Activision game, you all would be like "oh hell yeah!!!"

I noticed the only people really downplaying MW2 is certain PS3 fanboys,go figure...

This article didn't mean anything anyways.
Hobadoon  +   2361d ago
It's true Necro
Most PS3 fanboys are downplaying the graphics. For some reason graphics mean everything now to those douchebags that only own Sony's console and gameplay always takes a cold 2nd... Hell, sometimes even 3rd...

Like I said, N4G contains about 15% gamers. The other 85% are PMSing Fanboys. I would hate my life if I were in that 85%... And I think most of them do - hence why they come here to either:

a.) Bytch
b.) Bash
c.) Complain
d.) Moan
e.) Praise only their respective consoles
f.) All of the above

Unfortunately, option F is the most seen.
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beavis4play  +   2361d ago
hey riven and necro.......the ironic thing (if you understand irony) is this:
you two come off as two of the biggest whiners /moaners/complainers on the thread. why don't you quit complaining about others and stay ON TOPIC? everyone has a right to voice their opinion on the game.
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morganfell  +   2361d ago
Absurd jwatt, absolutely absurd. COD4 is more of a threat to HALO3 than it is to PS3 gamers. The PS3 doesn't have a weekly blog showing the competition for number 1 game on PSN. If anything 360 gamers can't stand the gut blow that a Multiplat game is more popular than HALO3.

What 360 gamers love is the fact that a popular game is Multiplat and the PS3 version gets shortchanged on Bluray because of DVD9 limitations.
Gobot  +   2361d ago
@ 1.25
"Most PS3 fanboys are downplaying the graphics."

It's Call Of Duty, you know the gameplay is going to be good, you'd think the graphics would look better...
Hobadoon  +   2361d ago
Yeah... From all of our 3 combined comments out of 25... lol Thanks for that, now I really do understand the meaning of Irony haha.

I'll do you a favor and step out of this ignorant debate so you all can get back to hearing yourselves complain.

Dumb... Dumb... Asses...
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Bob Loblaw  +   2360d ago
@ 1.24
"I noticed the only people really downplaying MW2 is certain PS3 fanboys,go figure..."

That's because us PS3 owners have played LBP, KZ2, MGS4 and other games that look way, WAY better than CoD4 and MW2. Some of LBP's textures and objects literally look REAL, as does KZ2's Magnum, and a lot of stuff in MGS4 is photo-realistic. Anyone who's not solely a 360 fanboy will tell you that those 3 games look better. Sure LBP isn't an FPS and MGS4 is technically a TPS but you're talking strictly graphics so those games are relevant. I own 360 and PS3 and I even think Gears 2 looks better the CoD4 and MW2.

Not to mention GT5 literally looks REAL!

So I don't get called out for being a liar and a biased PS3 fanboy, here's proof that I'm a multi-console owner:
GamerTag: CALVAD0S (with a zero)

Send me a message and I'll reply to show you that I do indeed own both consoles. I play my 360 more ATM and my 360 profile shows that I've had XBL Gold for over a year but I have way more Trophies on PSN (almost 1,000 trophies including 12 Platinums). See, I love both consoles equally ;)

I'm going back to hitting 10th prestige on WaW so I can have all the WaW achievements on 360. I have all other WaW achievements on 360 except the 2 for prestige'ing. I have all the Trophies for WaW on PS3 but I want to get them on 360 too XD
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beavis4play  +   2360d ago
hey riven, again you're off base.
25 comments of people seeing what is presented (in the trailer) and responding is not's just each individuals critique of what's been seen.

what you and necro have done is just complaining/whining at others (not to mention name-calling.....very childish)for voicing their opinion. and, in the process, YOU AND NECRO have become the "complainers" that you were talking about in you're respective posts.

yea.........the irony went waaaaaaaaaay over your head.
TrevorPhillips  +   2361d ago
they will get it fixed by the time it comes out
peeps  +   2361d ago
get what fixed? driving into a snow mobile at that speed probably would kill you lol
LazyDevs  +   2361d ago
To complete #$%@'s such as above. Do we really need to start nitpicking on every game about it not being realistic and this can't been done in real life? I mean really a post apocalyptic world with guys that have red lights for eyes.
marcus j  +   2361d ago
No game is perfect.
Buttons  +   2361d ago
Mr. Kojima would like to disagree...
Raf1k1  +   2361d ago
Didn't Kojima himself say he didn't think MGS4 was what he wanted it to be?
LazyDevs  +   2361d ago
Again he said game not cut scenes.
Daz  +   2361d ago
Looks like he hit someone ;p i didnt see no bug
NaiNaiNai  +   2361d ago
what so bad about it, He was going like 80MPH on a snowmobile and smacked into another one, if you don't die well, your chuck norris.

*wow beaver. only you and a select few would start a stupid console war over this, get a life bud, or a girlfriend, either or both.
#5 (Edited 2361d ago ) | Agree(8) | Disagree(9) | Report | Reply
Ninver  +   2361d ago
LOL funny thing is he was playing it on the 3fixMe.

Oh and Mr. Norris doesn't waste his time on a 3fixMe. He is too classy for that turd.
JonnyBadfinger  +   2361d ago
Whats your point Beaver??

Is it that all mulitplats are shown on the 360 because its the developers platform of choice, or is it that only on the 360 that a awesome death like that is plausible. I would be stoked if this was in the final game.

But being able to land at HUGE jump like that would be far better than dieing. But i would wouldnt be upset if that happened to me during game. there are worse ways to die.
#5.2 (Edited 2361d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
free3sixty  +   2361d ago
Let me bet.. you are a PS3 owner who only looks on graphics and who dont cares about gameplay and online experience right?
DaTruth  +   2361d ago
Like the 360 owners in the multiplatform comparison videos calling PS3 crap for an out of place pixel?

Seriously, one side is not better than the other!
RowSand  +   2361d ago
this presentation was running on 360 no wonder it failed
TheTruth89  +   2361d ago
agree xD
Knightrid808  +   2361d ago
no_more_trolling  +   2361d ago
you know, i see the same qualities as a little kid who is just begging for attention.

i dont think grown people come to this site at all.

well ive seen some mature ones. i know you dont make such comments cuz u hate the xbox 360, u do it just because you wanna be seen
tommy-cronin  +   2361d ago
SKUD  +   2361d ago
Ugh. I'm 47 minutes late with that same reply. LOL.
tudors  +   2361d ago
@RowSand: What a sad man....
grow up fella.
LazyDevs  +   2361d ago
You know it is funny we had an article about idiots on xbox live and how there isn't much of that on the PSN so the fanboys say. But if you just take a look at this site and Sony Fanboys i would beg to defer. 80% consist of the Sony fanboys acting like kids on here all day long.
Tarasque  +   2361d ago
Yeah it was running on a 360, they wanted to show the superior version.
TheIneffableBob  +   2361d ago
If they wanted to show off the best graphics, then they would have showed off the PC version. They're demoing the 360 version because that's most convenient for them.
no_more_trolling  +   2361d ago
i preordered my copy on a torrent site lol

just kiddin
Gobot  +   2361d ago
No, you're not lol.
no_more_trolling  +   2361d ago
i support the devs :P
DARK WITNESS  +   2361d ago
i support the devs, but not activision... sorry guys.
Blackfrican  +   2361d ago
with 2+ DLC packs announced before release, it will approach the cost of a retail game even if you torrent it (unless you wait for a game of the year edition with all maps on disc AS THEY F***ING SHOULD BE IN THE FIRST PLACE)
ambientFLIER  +   2361d ago
God damn, will you idiots stop mentioning that? IW already clarified it, and they said that the map packs will only be worked on AFTER the game comes out. They just announced it early to show their support for the game, unlike the first one.
Solans Scott  +   2361d ago
It looks like the snowmobiles collided.
TheTruth89  +   2361d ago
Exactly, thew news is totally nonsense... there a collision between the protagonist and his friend....

THe embarassing thing is the gay who approved the news.
raztad  +   2361d ago
Yeah, it just seems a collision, even if it actually is a bug, it will get fixed. However all the "action" going on in this game looks extremely BORING. Probably for many here COD4 was their first COD, but not for me. I played COD1 and beat it, amazing game, fast, extremely linear and scripted. That was good at that time, but the formula dies quickly and the same scripted events/dead AI cannon fodder is not attractive for me anymore.
Sir Ken_Kutaragi  +   2361d ago
SSX with GUNS!!! ;-D
The guy looks like he is Floating on Air when he moves??? Or he is Skating on Ice even indoors!!! ;-D
+ It tries to look as good as KillZone 2 but it doesn't...shame...MAG for me Next!!! ;-P
NaiNaiNai  +   2361d ago
tell me how can you justify your statement,

it tries to look as good as killzone 2 but it doesn't, and then you post, your gona get MAG, >.> which looks like a HD ps2 game. No BS there. T_T

just wondering what has to go threw some of your kinds heads when you think.
-MD-  +   2361d ago
You're complaining about the visuals in MW2 yet you're looking forward to MAG? It looks awful visually.

#10.2 (Edited 2361d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(8) | Report | Reply
TheMART  +   2361d ago
Dude, what did you smoke exactly? Pass over that stuff please!

If you prefer MAG and first say MW2 does have bad graphics... I've played MAG on GamesCom myself and it looks like a freaking PS1 game in graphics! Gameplay sucks donkey ball also!

Next Flop Of The Year confirmed!!! MAG
Tr10wn  +   2361d ago
Meh hes a fanboy i don't know why you guys try to convince him, MW2 in his eyes well is not a good game but for ours eyes that game is better than anything out there "Speaking of Multiplayer" all though i like Call of Duty's SP more than any shooter from Sony.

BTW anything that is better on the 360 is a shame for them.
ArcticWolfUK  +   2361d ago
instead of dissing mag about the graphics, remember it has to hold 256 players. ofcourse there gonna be downgraded. max amount you can get on xbox is 32 so stfu you c*nts.

mw2 does look average, or is it just cause i been playing kz2? lol
Monolith  +   2361d ago
yea but MAG Has 256 players at once and still manages to look descent, what does MW2 have 16 player online and 5-10 hour campaign again.
wxer  +   2361d ago
MAG is all about the online
so the hole game is about the online
and everything else got built around it
pure pwnage24  +   2361d ago
MAG is Amazing graphically and only possible on PS3, because Infinity Ward would not be able to pull off MW2 graphics in a 256 player online game on the 3sh!tty, Zipper has done an amazing job with MAG.
-MD-  +   2361d ago
"MAG is Amazing graphically and only possible on PS3"

MAG would be possible pretty much anywhere.
xcox  +   2361d ago
"MAG would be possible pretty much anywhere"

256 players peer to peer: xb!tches are not afraid of ridicule

BTW, the same morons who qualified KZ2 as "another generic shooter" get their pussies all wet watching this: what a buncha c0ck sucking hypocrits

#10.10 (Edited 2361d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
NaiNaiNai  +   2360d ago
Xcox not everything on the 360 is peer-to-peer.
xcox  +   2360d ago
cool, wake me up when you get a 360 game with 256 players then
hatchimatchi  +   2361d ago
i think i may be the only person who didn't enjoy MW. I never understood why the game was so popular, and still is.
tommy-cronin  +   2361d ago
well its not popular for the story, the story sucked, but the online is just the best, theres soo much to do. Chase, private games, old school mode, fun glitches. It's all a game needs to be a great 1st person shooter
tudors  +   2361d ago
Seriouly that is just how I felt about KZ2 yet some really like it, each to there own I guess.
DaTruth  +   2361d ago
His opinion might be fair and balanced; You're a 360 fanboy, so your opinion of PS3 games is meaningless and will likely always be the same! If you've even played it!
#11.3 (Edited 2361d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
Batzi  +   2361d ago
The game will rock anyway and I really don't give a bloody crap if the protagonist dies, lives or chokes on an apple, I care about the multiplayer because this is where I am going to kick your ASSES!! :P :D
Julikator  +   2361d ago
the presenter obviously didnt plan to crash with the AI partner, wtf are some of you trying to defend?
-MD-  +   2361d ago
What exactly was it supposed to do? Magically ghost it's way through the other vehicle? This is not a glitch at all.
Meus Renaissance  +   2361d ago
I've noticed ever since the Activision CEO threatened to stop pusblishing games for the PS3 - a lot of people here feel the best response for that was to hate on Modern Warfare 2. Lol. Why doesn't that surprise me. And with the Microsoft hate that is rife here, I'm sure most of them will be on MW2 in a few months playing it then posting about it on their Windows PC's.
#15 (Edited 2361d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(5) | Report | Reply
thehitman  +   2361d ago
Seems like all the activision hate is transfered into IW's Cod... which they dont deserve at all because cod4 was a very solid shooter and fun. It has slightly better graphics before yet ppl saying it sucks and horrible yet ppl praised it as best graphics when it came out. People need to stop hating especially if they know they going to be buying it anyway.
andron666  +   2361d ago
I agree...
I'm still very excited for MW2, I loved the first one.

But as you say, it seems the activision hate has rubbed off on IW and MW2, which is sad.

I'll buy it when it goes down in price, and it will probably sell like hot cakes anyways...
Lex Luthor  +   2361d ago
Lex Luthor  +   2361d ago
Yeah Meus, unfortunately some ps3 fanboys are bitter like that.
Raf1k1  +   2361d ago
It's not just the threat to stop supporting the PS3 though. The Activision boss has been a d*ck lately and has pissed off quite a few people with the things he's said about pricing and stuff.

edit: Still, CoD6 seems to look like it'll be fun to play through the single player. As usual though, the multiplayer is where it's at even though it's not a huge improvement over MW.

I'm not getting it though because of the crazy price and Kotick being the prick he is.
#15.5 (Edited 2361d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
OgTheClever  +   2361d ago
Nothing to see here.
If you were watching carefully then you would see they crashed into another snowmobile, which would obviously kill the user.
Double Toasted  +   2361d ago
now I definitely know I'm not buying this game./sarc
marcus j  +   2361d ago
People on n4g need to grow up, you are acting like little children arguing over something so minor it's so stupid, most people bring up RROD is 360 articles, people bring up how ps3 isn't selling as much and the slim will not save it in ps3 articles and just fed up of all this BS!

You may now bubble rape me.
#18 (Edited 2361d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
tudors  +   2361d ago
How is this news?
How ridiclulous is this, some of you are like robots...Playstion GOOD XBOX BAD, Xbox GOOD!!!! Malfunction does not compute.
YogiBear  +   2361d ago
Why don't you...
be the bigger man and walk away from this discussion. It's a stupid argument anyway.
tudors  +   2361d ago
Anyway this is much more appealing....

Related video
Double Toasted  +   2361d ago
That was great...
have a bubble...
marcus j  +   2361d ago
Good find.:)
Lex Luthor  +   2361d ago
Hahahaha, Bubbles!
Raf1k1  +   2361d ago
lol so you went and searched for a Killzone2 glitch.

Still funny though :D
zack61  +   2361d ago
That vid is f*cking hilarious. Nice find.
thisisxbox  +   2361d ago
What a stupid write up... clearly no embarrassing mistake there. It's called knowing when & how to end the presentation so not to show anything else.

I can't believe someone said - I hope they have this fixed???!!!1

The player chose to crash and die to cut off the screen - like others have mentioned, they've never shown anything at all past the snow level.

BUT this news is a good old case of where too much hype will turn in on itself with people now wanting to find flaws and pick things to bits.
bigjclassic  +   2361d ago
LMAO @1.5
BlinkGT  +   2361d ago
Where the f*** is the problem ?
dragonelite  +   2361d ago
Lol yeah there was a snowmobile on the slope he was racing a collision will get you killed i mean the protagonist almost flied from his mobile. And why for sake of god didnt the guy filmed the spec ops part i mean those missions are only 2 min or so
mario888  +   2361d ago
COD will Sell
Massive auto-aim so all the lamers can hit each other and don't forget your Rapid fire MOD controller.
ArcticWolfUK  +   2361d ago
true, built for spastics and little kids. thats why all the xbox geeks love it.
Tr10wn  +   2361d ago
Lol truly you are a moron, i would love to see a PS3 game that even compete with CoD which already is one of the best shooters ever even CoD5 DLC had sold more than KZ2 lol but yeah i agree with you Zipper is doing a great job in MAG but is no in the same league as MW2/Halo:ODST/Reach is going to be.
ArcticWolfUK  +   2361d ago
why cause mag/kz2 aint a pick up n play?
the games got massive auto-aim and no skill required .

cod is a casual game, kz2 and mag is for hardcore gamers thats why it dont appeal to everyone.
Tr10wn  +   2360d ago
KZ2 is for hardcore gamers yeah right when KZ2 reach to MLG well then you can call it a hardcore game but honestly the game suck i don't even have seen tournaments for the game and like i said is not even in the same league that CoD/Halo and even Gears is right now.

LOL CoD a casual game when the game has around more than 100,000 people playing it every day only on XBL and on CoD4 only not counting 5, Halo 3 with over 500,000 people is a casual game and not for hardcores gamer like KZ2?
teh-panda  +   2361d ago
pfff this is no mistake. Someones just a bitter fanboy.
hesido  +   2361d ago
IW is giving you a 60fps shooter on consolers,
And you guys are complaining about graphics.

While I think the current state of graphics are awesome as they are, imagine the amount of complexity they could achieve at 30fps (it would be probably more than double the detail as they have more than twice the time for the graphics processor to compute.) But yes, 60fps is awesome for a shooter, that should be the target of all fps games.

Tell me any other game that runs this beautifully at 60fps. It looks better than 95% of shooters that run at 30fps.
Magnus  +   2361d ago
I don't see anything wrong with it only a snowmobile crash and it looks like you hit your teammate and the game restarts but you have to add suspence to the game to keep people wanting more.Personally I would just hit everybody with the snowmobile just for the hell of it. But I am just wondering if a demo is set in place for both PSN and XBL.
#28 (Edited 2361d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Henry Cain  +   2361d ago
The game does not look that great plus Activision make it so
easy to hit people. Its a lot more shooters coming out this year
that look better.
Hercules  +   2361d ago
for all those saying
he was on the 360..or a ps3 fanboy talking trash...he was actually PLAYING on the the blue X button on the screen...

i see no embarassing moment here...but hey just my opinion
Loggie  +   2361d ago
They must have changed the controls then..
Last time I checked it was Square to reload and pickup stuff on the PS3.. but hey maybe they changed the controls?
Henry Cain  +   2361d ago
Ah on the snowboarding part it said hold LT to shoot. Also the 360 controller has an blue x button. Their playing this on the 360. The PS3 x button has never flashed blue.
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