Fat Princess Receives Royal Treatment

PlayStation LifeStyle: "The talk behind the upcoming DLC for Fat Princess has been hot these days. Word started going when Titan Studios released concept art for a Ninja character. Then, things started really heating up when Pirates, and Chefs were revealed. Now, the newest character may be the most royal yet."

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Sev3250d ago

Looks like Titan Studios is adding a ton of new characters to Fat Princess.

I just hope that it doesn't provide an advantage to those people who don't buy the DLC. Then again, it's always possible they add it via free patch. But that is unlikely.

wolfehound223250d ago

Like most DLC you won't be playing matched with those that do have it. I also hope they add in some new levels.

Lifendz3250d ago

so I can get in a game with a certain number of real players (humans and not AI) and I'd like to see a patch to fix some of the remaining bugs. Great game but it really needs another patch.

starvinbull3250d ago

It's hard to think of DLC that SHOULD be payed for on fat princess.
Maps and costumes doesn't exactly set the heart racing.
Ninjas, chefs and kings sounds like expanding on an already solid game.

ThanatosDMC3250d ago

We need new maps. We need another type of brutal sports game. A bloody soccer game with friends is fun!

starvinbull3250d ago

Besides new classes I would struggle to think of areas to expand on really. Every map is pretty much the same depending on preference.

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divideby03250d ago

this game dropped off my friends list faster than a Fat Princess

was waiting till the bugs were fixed before I bought I will see how DLC goes. Free hopefully or maybe packaged with the game

SarcasticBastard3250d ago

A small list of things i think would be perfect for Fat princess.

1) Workers being able to build small wooden walls anywhere.Mostly just to delay enemies or cover archer fire

2) Siege weapons.Such as Portable catapults or better yet, Big Cannons on wheels where you would need to bring big bombs from the base to put in the cannon, thereby requiring good teamwork so the cannon wouldn't be too unbalancing for the game.

3) Powerful NPC(s) that a team can control by capturing certain outpost(s) I.E a fire dragon

4) Being able to destroy enemy hat machines.Not entirely but, at least destroy back to un-upgraded status

I know, i know very random rant but i just feel if Fat princess had these kind of features it would be PERFECT.

As of right now, every match just turns into a long 30+ minutes stand off.And once each team has everything upgraded..well, it just sucks.

cyberwaffles3250d ago

would you say this game is worth buying? i've been having the hardest time trying to figure out whether i should buy it or not but i'm always getting stalemated into not getting it. i hate chaotic mash pits and this game looks like it has it but at the same time is looks like a lot of fun.

ThatArtGuy3250d ago

it's just a lot of people don't have any strategy because they don't use headsets. If you have headsets and the other team doesn't, the game is very, very short.

FamilyGuy3249d ago

Yeah that means you and your teammates aren't truly working together/you have no strategy. Round people up, if you have no headset or they don't hop up and down for attention OR call out with up on the D-pad and most people we'll follow you and figure out your plan.

Games end really fast when a team is working together i've been in and won multiple fight that lasted under 3mins in fact, good times LOL

JonnyBigBoss3250d ago

What a great game. I'm glad they're going to be adding DLC.

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