Video: Microsoft researcher reveals futuristic tech

Future tech on display at Gartner Symposium/ITxpo

At the Gartner Symposium/ITxpo last week in San Francisco, Microsoft principal researcher Eric Horvitz demonstrated technologies--such as using hand gestures to manipulate data and a way to turn any surface into a computer display--that could one day be used in offices.

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Lord Anubis4159d ago

if you live in Silicon Valley, chances are you've been to the tech museum and seen that technology. Its relatively old and wasn't designed by Microsoft, however, they have expanded on the technology which is a good thing. Its sad most of the technology designed here in silicon valley mostly stays here.

Lord Anubis4159d ago

someone disagreed with me, I guess they haven't been to the Tech Museum in Silicon Valley or they clicked the wrong button.

power of Green 4159d ago

Its the Island i'm telling you.

Diselage4159d ago

We'll never understand it fully, we'll just use it.

hamburgerhill4159d ago

Pretty impressive stuff there coming out with!

Hydrolex4159d ago

I really dont care about microsoft ! Billy has 60 billion dollars and many africans die per second.

shikwan4159d ago

Billy doesn't make laws or have national/international political power--the type of power which is needed to stop the African tragedy.

Bush has the power--but do you think he cares???

Vote, my!!!!

cookiemonster4159d ago

do you know how much bill has given to fund aids research and other charities? take a look you might be surprised.

besides bill is taking a back seat in the company. it's not like he can liquidate all ms assets.

but i guess ignorant people don't understand the complexities of this world. thats cereal box education for you...

Hydrolex4159d ago

That is his money man. No body can suck his ****. He made 60 billion dollars. What's the point of saving money and dont sharing to poor people ? at age 60 go underground in a cemetery.

Daz4159d ago

Why cant sony do it as well then?

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The story is too old to be commented.