Gran Turismo PSP Video – Drift confirmed

PD has done it again. A new video for Gran Turismo PSP. They talk about the game and by watching it in high def… the graphics are stunning and just unbelievable and the content in the game is enormous aswell! Check out the video after the break!

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Senzazu3168d ago

Yeah I feel the exact same way! Gorgeous!

SonyOwnsNextYear3168d ago

this looks better than flawza 3 and has rally mode

PinkUni3168d ago


FamilyGuy3168d ago

These guys really go above and beyond. Do they make any other games or is GT their one and only series and genre? I'd like to see their perfectionism used in other genres as well but I guess the GT series pays so well they don't need to make others and with their dedication and time spent on making the games they don't really have time or resources for other products.

slymaddox3168d ago

How do they do that on the psp? I can't imagine what the final version for the PS3 will be like.

hakis863168d ago

Well they said 1000 cars for the PS3 version, which is mindblowing! That should be enough cars to please anybody! :)

aaronisbla3168d ago

is this real footage? that looks REALLY good

Ravage273168d ago

i know it will look good, but THAT good??

poindat3168d ago (Edited 3168d ago )

It's taken from the replay (or photo mode) footage and then upscaled and smoothed out for the larger resolution on Youtube (or at least that's what I think has been done, not the most savvy person here!). Either way, the gameplay doesn't look quite as good as that footage, but it still is great for what the PSP can do.

Gameplay shot:

Ps_alm3k3168d ago

So if you want to challenge sombody on GT PSP, we can make bets, and Win each other cars..YAY!!!

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