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Will Microsoft and Nintendo Respond to the PS3 Slim?

The gaming industry is in a slump. Sony's loaded their hopes for a rebound onto the back of the PS3 Slim, but what are Microsoft and Nintendo going to do? The Slim is selling out in the US, and there are even rumors of a 250 GB Slim under production. Both Nintendo and Microsoft are going to want to let some of the wind out of Sony's sails before the holiday season hits. But how?

Microsoft may already have made their big move. They are rumored to be slashing the price of their Xbox 360 Elite down to $299. With the Slim out and PS3 prices down, the Elite is now the costliest system out there. There is evidence that Microsoft has been planning this cut since information about the Slim first leaked out back around E3. A price cut alone might actually be all Microsoft needs to do to continue beating Sony in sales. (PS3, Wii, Xbox 360)

SpoonyRedMage  +   2144d ago
I hope they do respond. Nintendo really needs to drop the Wiis price, it's way overpriced. MS may need to drop to stay competitive too.
creeping judas  +   2144d ago
But does it need to drop it's price?? Personally I don't think so, until Sony and MS are beating it in monthly sales. Otherwise all the Wii is doing is making money for Nintendo.
SpoonyRedMage  +   2144d ago
Good point and it's probably how Nintendo see it. The sales of the Wii have decline but they're stil way ahead so when finally the competition starts to catch up they'll drop the price. Of course the PS3 may start outselling the Wii soon.
sonarus  +   2144d ago
360 is already responding with price drop of elite to 300
qface64  +   2144d ago
that's not really a price cut though they are just turning the elite in to the new pro with a few extra gigs of space on the hard drive

anyways as for nintendo i think a price cut is coming later this year im expecting a cut to 199
Nitrowolf2  +   2144d ago
it will be interesting to see how things turn out now that they are the same price.
n4f  +   2144d ago
well i think ms already planned this way back cause they wanted to remove the pro so that the elite replace the pro. and maybe have the rumor 360+
SoapShoes  +   2144d ago
Giving the pro a bigger hard drive and a new name isn't going to help them really. Even at $299 the Elite is still less of a value than the PS3. I could see a price drop for the Wii doing really well though.
plum30  +   2144d ago
Something tells me that M$ will do a lot more than just drop the price. They might have ta package a game or 2 to stay competitive.
Ninver  +   2144d ago
the ball is in Sony's court. The momentum is in favor of the ps3 slim. What ever M$ and Nintendo do won't effect Sony now. People weren't waiting to pick up a Wii or 3fixMe. They where waiting for a price reduction on the better tech.
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kagon01  +   2144d ago
The average consumer bought the inferior systems in order to wait(distract) PS3's price cut, now its time to ditch the unreliable one & the toy one...

Wii = Its for kids, or casual gamers.

360 = Its only for those who have the decease of Halolitis or Gearsalitis (For deperate trolls)...

PS3 = For the Hardcore gamers.
ZBlacktt  +   2144d ago
It seems like I'm reading the same old stories over and over in here now ( since the Slim news ), lol.
Double Toasted  +   2144d ago
MS will probably...
...let whatever 360s that are on store shelves, now, clear out.Then MS will probably sell the Elite at $250 and rake in profits. I'm thinking that after a few of Nintendo's games come out and Nintendo doesn't see a decent jump in sales they'll bring out Zelda and a price cut at around $200, but the sweet spot would be $180.
ndpad  +   2144d ago
Nintendo will not drop the price of the Wii. With Resort just coming out and New Super Mario Bros./WiiFit Plus coming for the holidays, you can't see any reason for Nintendo to drop the price.

Nintendo has dropped yoy hardware sales but then again last year did have WiiFit, Mario Kart, and Smash Bros. Expect this holiday to be bigger in terms of sales than last years. Nintendo will release more colors, and will bundle before a price cut happens.

Remember price cutting is a means to keep your product relevent in tough times. Do you ever see Apple dropping the price on Ipods? No reason is they continuously evolve the features and mostly the interface/user experience. This gives the Ipod an advantage in the mp3 market, where other companies don't frequently increase the user interface of their products. Anyone else here notice that an Ipod is almost the same price as video game consoles? Yet are being bought up every Christmas do to how user friendly the Ipod is. The Ipod is more expensive than most other mp3 players with less memory and less tech behind them, but people sacrifice that to get the user interface they want. The Wii will evolve the user interface with the use of pheripherals, among others.

The Wii will not get a price cut any time soon. The Ps3 and Xbox have already cut 50% of the initial launch prices for their consoles. You think this is a good sign? maybe for the customer, but not for the company. The Wii will most likely end up being the most expensive console by the time this gen is over with. But just like with the Ipod the mass market( including new comers to gaming) are willing to pay the money for a user experience the other consoles just don't have. User Interface isn't about tech, bluray, graphics, or memory, it is about "ease of use".

Expect different colors, bundles, and peripherals as a substitute to price cutting for Nintendo. Next year the Wii will get a price cut.....it could come sooner if games such as New Super Mario Bros don't sell as expected. Though we think NSMB will be the best selling game on any platform this holiday. We will see if hardware is can keep up.
Quikchicken_Fly  +   2144d ago

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