Politicans Using Video Games As A Platform

Presidential Candidate Romney and Mnister Pat Robinson addressed a christian audience at Regent University in Virginia. Trying to gain support for Romney.

heres what Romney had to say.

"Pornography and violence poison our music and movies and TV and video games. The Virginia Tech shooter, like the Columbine shooters before him, had drunk from this cesspool."

It appears video games and other forms of entertainment are being blamed once again for horrendous incidences like Columbine and Virginia Tech.

This could also be a sign of the things to come in the next presidential election.

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urpabo4179d ago

I think its important to note here that he is suggesting VIOLENCE and PORNOGRAPHY in video games and music are not good for our culture, not the mere existance of video games.

Frulond4179d ago

"sick of politics" its what's making people go nuts?

Dukester1014178d ago

he also says that music, movies, and TV are just as much a part of the "cesspool" as video games.

it shows how bad the US culture really is, and how it is on a downward spiral to hell.

think about it... before TV, rap music, bad movies, and violent games... how many massacres like Columbine and V.Tech actually happened? The number was pretty close to 00!

Our culture is pretty twisted and screwed up, and movies, games, TV, and music only make it worse.