Colin McRae: DiRT Online Multiplayer Hands-On

From the preview:
"We already have a pretty good idea how the single-player side of the latest incarnation of the Colin McRae series is going to pan out, but one big piece of the puzzle seemed to be missing--competitive online action. Instead of having you race alongside other people, DiRT compares race times, albeit race times from others driving the same bit of road as you, at the same time."

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FCOLitsjustagame4216d ago

I actually like the idea of being able to compete online where only my own driving skill determines the outcome, instead of how well someone can crash me out. Both types of play have their benifits but there are lots of other games doing it the other way.

Kyur4ThePain4216d ago

That is exactly how rally racing is done...each car does the stage with the next one following up to 45 seconds (or more, depending on the stage) behind.

lil bush4215d ago

game looks great..........

gta_cb4215d ago

yeh gonna hope theres a download available here =P

Lygre4215d ago

An online part where you only race for time only? You can't see the guys you're racing against and you can't talk to them. That is lame.

I'm not gonna buy a rally game that only has a SP. (Yeh it has MP but it sounds really boring).