Sony PS3 Slim Better Than Current PS3 In Several Ways

The new Sony PS3 Slim is not only more compact than the currently available PS3 console, but actually offers some more advantages. Sony has not actively promoted any advantages of the new PS3 Slim besides the small size, larger HDD (120GB) and the new low price of $299.99.

Over the last days reports appeared that highlight hardware differences in the new Sony PS3 Slim that makes it even more attractive to buy. The CELL CPU inside the PS3 Slim is actually new according to PC World. The original CELL CPU was based on 65nm technology and the PS3 Slim actually sports a new 45nm CELL CPU. The new 45nm is possibly offering more performance and is drawing less power. This means the PS3 Slim could be snappier and use less power.

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mastiffchild3136d ago

The chip is no doubt smaller and newer and could go quicker but seeing how the games are designed for all PS3s there won't be any difference in tem=rms of gaming and the net gain for Slim owners will be that it's a bit quiter and uses less juice and keeps cooler, imo. The chip will prolly be clocked to the same speed as the old ones anyway to preserve the same [performance over the range.

Secondly , as I've got a launch 60 with every feature(card reasers, BC etc) I don't want to swap anyway! Might get one for the bedroom, mond, and the sound performance, while cool, will only affect really high end systems.

Cwalat3136d ago

Slim version, has everything that regular version has + Bravia Sync + Bigger HDD + Less heat, Queiter - Extra OS.

I'm one of those 99,9999% who won't be affected by the OS thingy.

I'll get the Slim, hopefully some store here in Sweden will sell it for under 3200kr (320€).

InfectedDK3136d ago (Edited 3136d ago )

@Cwalat - In Denmark the Slim costs 375 Euro = 2800 kroner (kr/DKK)..

jamesrocks31473136d ago

i can see where your coming from however say if they clockspeed on these new cell processors are faster then it will load things quicker not everything can be limited to the standard ps3 luckly

The Lazy One3136d ago

Smaller chips will run games the same, run cooler, and use less power.

Considering the games are a built to run at a single spec, they'd have to give up the running cooler (and probably have to add louder/more expensive fans) and need more power (which would mean more than likely needing a bigger power supply to fit in the case somewhere) all to get a game to run exactly the same. Seriously doubt it's worth their time.

And loading wouldn't go faster. Loading has very little to do with the CPU. Much more to do with whatever the game is streaming from, HD/Disk etc.

na2ru13136d ago

And did he design the slim PS3?

sonic9893136d ago

no way iam gonna buy it
its for casuals
and like me if you are a hardcore you should have got a ps3 now
and sony didnt say anything like hay buy this model cause yours is a garbage
and even if they did anything new in this ( ugly casual thing ) still the quality and the frame rate will be the same on all systems
WHY cause sony cant reward the casuals ( cheap @sses ) with a better system
and i have linux in my PS3 and its working perfectly
you should try the new releases of linux ( its really optimized for the CELL ) and has a great support ( its like a linux PC )

uie4rhig3136d ago

that's not good!! for one simple reason: HACKING!! the piracy community cannot hack for sh*t.. but the homebrew community is something else.. sony, put this feature back, or you will have to deal with hacking sh*t or have a PS3 minis!! I think, the #1 reason that PS3 hasn't been hacked 100% yet, is because of linux as it can run homebrew software, but if it doesn't run linux, homebrewers (which are the best hackers in the world) will try and succeed in hacking it!! i'm not sure!! i personally don't use linux, but if i Sony wants to prevent PS3 hacking, they need to find a way to let users run homebrew software, whether that is linux/PS3 minis or something else!!

FarEastOrient3136d ago

I'm not too disappointed about the removal of the other OS feature for the new PS3s. Yet I am using Linux to play StarCraft, Command and Conquer, Empires: Total War, and Crysis on my PS3 and boy do those games look so good on a 42" plasma screen.

Electricear3135d ago (Edited 3135d ago )

It's my understanding, and I could be wrong, that patch 3.0 is going to be adding the Bravia Sync feature to all ps3's, as well as the bit stream audio and Dolby True-HD Audio. All three of these features should be patchable in the existing PS3's.

Secondly in regards to Other OS. I've got mixed feelings about it's loss. While it's true that many users didn't see it as useful, I feel the loss of using new ps3's as Myth TV clients is a little sad. Also look at all the colleges and research groups that made mini super computer clusters out of ps3's and all the great research that has been done because of that. MIT offered classes in programing the cell processor that were thought using ps3's, and students from those classes have gone on to work at game companies making games for the ps3. To some gamers other OS may not seem like much of a loss, but perhaps that is only because they are unaware of how it ultimately may affect them.

Edit: oh and one last thing the original launch Cell processor was 90nm the second wave of Cells used in the non Backward compatible ps3's was 65nm, and now they are 45nm.

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callahan093136d ago

Of course it's better. It's smaller, lighter, consumes less power, runs cooler, and apparently runs quieter.

commodore643135d ago (Edited 3135d ago )

excuse my ignorance...

but was that ALL achieved by gimping PS3 LINUX and PS2/PS3 backwards compatibility?

gaffyh3135d ago

@2.1 - Maybe you should buy a PS3 Slim and find out for yourself.

Electricear3135d ago

No the loss of those of the backwards computability was a cost reduction measure that isn't related to the the processor size. I'm not 100% sure that other OS couldn't be added back at a future date, but it was probably not used by the majority of owners, so the demand wasn't enough to justify it's development for the slim.

commodore643134d ago

@ ^^^

Yeah dude... i know...
I was just being sarcastic.

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FF3136d ago

But PS3 Silm is very ugly...

Tony-A3136d ago

Oh yeah, that would definitely stop me from getting one. Has all the primary power and multi-media functions plus more, but it's "too ugly"....

--joshua--3136d ago (Edited 3136d ago )

just very plain looking like a piece of square plastic

plum303136d ago

I hope Gamestop has some sorta trade up for the Slim.

Nineball21123136d ago

I'm sure everyone will be able to get a wrap or something like that if they want to customize the Slim.

At least, I'd think so.

CryWolf3136d ago (Edited 3136d ago )

I like the regular PS3 then the ps3 slim have you guys seen the slim it is so ugly who ever design that console wasn't thinking and their is no backwards compatibility with PS2 or PS1 WTF is going on here.

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FlipMode3136d ago

And its better than the elite in 20 ways.

free3sixty3136d ago

SLIM = fail

300 USD is way too much for the casual consumer.

oh.. 360 sold also more units as the PS3 in japan this week, lol.

PS3 is dead.

I know what you tards say :D.. "Wait until" the 1st month, lol!
And if nothing will happen you will say "Wait until" christmas and Gt5 bundles!

Wait until, LBP
Wait until price cut (399)
wait until Kz2 (most hyped game and floped in sales, COD4 most played on PSN)
Wait until uncharted
Wait until God of War3 (the 2nd one sold only 2 million at a 120 million install base)


Tinted Eyes3136d ago

If it failed the why is it selling out?

keysy4203136d ago

of course the 360 out sold the ps3 in japan. because unless your a idiot like you form what your saying we all knew that the price drop was coming. i dont know what your talking about wait till, wait till, people can say wait all day but until the ps3 just became a better value than the 360 even if the 360 is a hundred dollars . their has been nothing to wait for. you wan to know what to wait for wait until you have no choice butot go buy a ps3. unless your not a true gamer if your just a person who plays your 360 and then comments on how the 360 is better than the ps3 then your opinion doesnt really matter then anyway. you just sound like a idiot who has no clue what they are talking about. here's a number for you 75% of people who already own a ps3 are comtemplating getting a sliim that's 10 million people. not to mention the other 10million that are waiting to jump in.people are predictiing that the ps3 wont cathch the xbox i dont see how not the ps3 was on track to catch the xbox without the price drop. so unless your a total idiot you can clearly see that the ps3 is a way better valuee and the games are way better. say wha tyou want but all fanboyism aside the ps3 library is just plain better than 360's. probably for now on. funny thing is is that th eps3 will go down as having the greatest library of games ever. and 360 fanboys are gong to miss that. so who is a true gamer ps3 fans who own a 360 or 360 fanboys who just talk abou ta system they dont have.

ultimolu3136d ago

Go shove your head up Greenturd's ass're stinking up the place.

Guitarded3136d ago (Edited 3136d ago )

I hope the PS3 fails so hard at $299 that they have to drop it again before Christmas. At $199 the PS3 is almost worth it. When I factor in the adapter for the 360 pad, I'd have to see a bundle of two good games to justify it. I did state that $250 was my price point at one time, but I've revised it back to my original buy price. Come on PS3, you can fail. I know you can!

Edit: Oh! Look it's Juultimolu! Finally had enough humiliation and decided to stop PMing me. How DARE I compare the PS2 and 360 hardware failures. What a loser!

ultimolu3136d ago

The only loser around here is you dear.

JYstiq8083136d ago (Edited 3136d ago )

Your soo desperate man.. why don't you go back to the screaming 12 years old crying in the corner. haha

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