Forza 2: 5minute Gameplay Video

Here is a new gameplay video of Forza Motorsport 2 for the Xbox 360. Enjoy.

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NikV34211d ago

the replay mode on GTHD looks better than the replay mode on forza 2, so when GT5 comes out and looks better than GTHD what does that say for forza?

ThaGeNeCySt4211d ago

first let's wait to see if GT5 will achieve those same superb graphics of a tech demo with only 1 car on the track

gapzi11a4211d ago

A great racing sim is so much more than pretty graphics. GTHD and GT5 may look amazing, but that doesn't garuantee a great racing experience. Sure this tech demo looks good, but how will it play? Nobody knows. Why don't we wait until we've played the finished game before we make bold statements.

In the meantime, Forza 2 seems to have found the sweet spot between looks and performance, physics and graphics. Plus it has a sweet damage model and customization, which goes a long way in making a great racing sim.

JPomper4211d ago

Hahah, get back to me when GTHD allows the level of customization and damage and physics that Forza 2 does.

techie4211d ago

He will with GT5.

Interview with the designer of GT, concerning the release of the next GT (was GTHD...will now be GT5):

"IGN: What kind of customization will we be able to see in Gran Turismo HD? Will we be able to see a deeper level of customization than what has been seen in previous GT games?

Kaz: The cars we are designing/modeling for PS3... you see that line separating the bumper from the body? That (bumper) comes off. Again, previously a car model in GT 4, it was one skin. Now you can take parts off, because the cars are made up of components. So for this Skyline, for instance, you can take off the front bumper and replace it with something else.

IGN: You mentioned your love for Le Mans and Formula 1. Previous GT games have had an unlockable F1-style car, but no real F1-style race. Will we be seeing more Le Mans-style and F1 cars in GT HD?

Kazunori: My goal is to try to expand even further than where we are now... I'd like to include vehicles like the midget race cars..."

They have big ideas for GT5...especially in online terms...GTHD is them testing the waters of PSN etc...but they are calling GT5 an "online

Better physics:

"CVG: With the next generation of technology almost upon us, how do you hope to use that to push the envelope of the driving genre?

Kazunori: Let's take the category of car physics: currently in GT4 on the PS2, the calculations for car physics are done sixty times a second, the same as the framerate. But with the next generation coming and higher specifications, we think this could change to 300 times per second or even 600 times per second.

Those changes will be significant in how players relate to car physics, car simulation and feedback.

He says Polyphony is already experimenting with running its current physics simulation at many more cycles per second -- 300 or 600, compared to 60 in GT4" http://www.computerandvideo...

GT4 was one of the most impressive looking games on the PS2...Poly are a very technical versed of the best developers in the world IMO. They know what they're doing...I mean they know how to make a 3d mountain look so incredible...that everyone thinks its a 2d photograph (lmao)

sak5004211d ago

All the information is fine. But have they (sony) delievered on anything they have been saying since E3 05. I mean seriously. So lets keep the interviews and opinions and their big ideas and intent in check until they deliver it.

As for Forza2, bring the damn demo already and enough with the vids and screenshots.

JPomper4211d ago

Oooh, so you can swap out bumpers. Thaaaaat's... not exactly what I was thinking. Custom paintjobs? Vinyls? Car tuning?

techie4211d ago

For one it's not what Sony's what PD of the greatest developers around.'s a sign of where they want to go. My simple point is...wait until GT5 comes out before you criticise it...there was a reason why they cancelled GTHD to make GT5 - they have big plans for it. PD are perfectionists.

sak5004211d ago

deep: Doesnt sony own PD?

@JPomper: Yes i believe he meant you can customize the car and was not talking about getting the bumpers smashed off. We'll see what damage model GT will have once its released or when some more information is given out

techie4210d ago

Jenzo....denial? Not likely...I know a lot more insider information than you'd like to think.

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FCOLitsjustagame4211d ago

absolutly nothing at all. Whatever GT5 ends up being has nothing whatsoever to do with what Forza ends up being. Both will likely be fine games. The existance of one does not dimish the fun people will have with the other.

Kastrol4211d ago

since comparing my 360 to my ps3 i have always noticed that 360 games are much darker then PS3 games

especially seeing this replay mode compared to GTHD

is this becaus 360 cant handle lighting effects compared to PS3?

do any of you with the 2 systems notice this

Drew4211d ago

Stealth troll of the day?

Seriously, guys, this isn't a PS3 game, so stay out of the thread.

Kastrol4211d ago

drew if you cant answer a question then shut up

razer4211d ago

It's probably your TV.

PS3 games on mine looks shiney and plastic like while the 360 seems a bit softer. Dark is not a word I would use... maybe more realistic.

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Premonition4211d ago

Whats with all this until GT5 gets more cars on the tracks we can talk, sounds more like excuse, but never the less I think Poly knows what to do with the PS3 hardware system inorder to achieve that, and if and when they do, I wonder what other things people might come up with, "The tracks a like way smaller, so lets see what they can do when they have like 55 cars and bigger tracks".

ThaGeNeCySt4211d ago

don't be foolish, though the graphics are better than GREAT on GT:HD, you have to take into account that there is no damage @ 60 fps, no other cars on the track with the same amount of detail @ 60 fps, & no type of real A.I. I'd say the same thing if any other car game was in this position

techie4211d ago (Edited 4211d ago )

GT5 - more than 1 car, AI, Physics, damage, online play. You think they will make a game that looks worse than GTHD? Although spectacular...they can do better...that's why they cancelled GTHD and moved onto GT5 to make it look even better. It's art direction, and decisions that have kept PD at the top of their game.

ThaGeNeCySt4211d ago

I don't doubt that it's possible which brings me to my first post in here...

"let's wait and see"

techie4211d ago (Edited 4211d ago )

indeed...they are already demoing their GT5 cars in GTHD...Nissan trailer anyone? SO the cars will have just as many poly's etc.

NikV34211d ago

or better on GT5 with more than 1 car on the track, that what cell and the 50gig disc are made for, they dont have to worry about space on discs wich can comprmise graphics, wich was the diffrence between the 2 versions of oblivion, ps3 looked better and loaded faster. so as for this game, they have plenty of processing power for all cars without 1 effecting the other. and GT has never had a damage factor, never realy needed one, why change that now, they make the game the way they think is best.

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super bill4211d ago

kastrol.ive got both sytems,for me personaly the ps3 is mutch darker than the 360 is.ive played both call of duty3 games,and the ps3 is much darker and poorer grathics than the 360 one is.thats just my opinion.

techie4211d ago (Edited 4211d ago )

lol. Yes COD3 is the best comparison. Out of interest why would you buy COD3 for both systems?
"the ps3 is [email protected] and 360 rules."

Back to the subject: One thing is for sure though...this franchise called Forza2 is something new to me...but from what I've read about it, and all the technology going into the game, including the graphics (60fps, HDR, 2xAA) is very impressive. The online customisation and damage are also very commendable...sounds like a solid 9+ game to which is really pushing forward the genre.

Kastrol4211d ago

cool thanx for giving me your opinion on comparison

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