Modders Beat Microsoft to the Punch

The week of May 7th 2007 might not be know for any great historical references, but for XBOX 360 gamers it might just be the beginning of a bitter battle between XBOX 360 modders and Microsoft.

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kdawg2224243d ago

The last contender remaining now is the ps3, how long will it take before it will be hacked also ?

ITR4243d ago

If you can run Linux on it, it won't take long.

I give it 6-8 months.

They already cracked the HD-DVD and Blu-Ray it's just a matter of time.

pshizle4243d ago

ps3 was hacked before it was even released!!!

NikV34243d ago

ps3 hasnt been hacked yet, you retard, witch is surprisibng considering it runs linux, but i guess they just thought things thru better than ms did, but then again, who doesent

Merovee4242d ago

PS3 is proving quite the tough cookie to crack as even while running Linux. The main aspects of it are protected since everything run is runing through the hypervisor, acting as another layer between the components and any installed OS. That means a whole other layer of problems and safety for the system that must be solved before it can be compromised.

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IBLEEDBLU4243d ago

can you picture how many people out there have modded xbox360 - now take those people and take away there so called "GREAT" XBL what are u left with hahahaha...nothing..i think that will drive ppl 2 switch to the PS3

next-gen = online gaming (big part of it anyway)

so u strip that off these people they will go else were

good stuff MS - keep it up

PS3n3604243d ago

turd burglers who pirate games are cheap wankers I dont think they would be able to afford a PS3. I used to burn games for xbox but I changed my attitude towards pirated software. For one thing I never finished games that i burnt I would just play for a few minutes then go download another one. Stupid.

Satanas4243d ago

I did mod my Xbox 1 (AFTER CLOSING MY LIVE ACCOUNT) and installed the Xbox Media Center to play stuff from my anime collection, and to run emulators for older systems.

However, "hacks" and other things being brought online is totally wrong, and I hope this does not happen on the 360 or PS3.

consolecrusader4243d ago

The worse thing about being M$ is that everyone in the world hates you and they will hack you on a constant basis...

Vfor54243d ago

The worst thing about being you, Concole crusader, is that you have no respect for what Bill Gates does with his money. and the fact that your a douche bag.

TriggerHappy4243d ago

If they would be more fair to customers and wont force them to adopt to new products they bring out and continue support of older products for a while, then everyone would not try to hack or get back at them.

gta_cb4243d ago

"and wont force them to adopt to new products" sounds like Sony with BluRay

(im not saying Sony was wroung, just think before you comment)

TriggerHappy4243d ago

nah, am cool with them, i just hate it when right to someting gets taken away from you

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The story is too old to be commented.