13 Games You Don't Want To Miss In 2007

Check out the games you don't want to miss out that are all are coming out in 2007.

The list covers everything from Halo 3 to Lair to Super Smash Bros. Brawl

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Satanas3548d ago

Bioshock, Mass Effect, Lair, Halo 3, MGS4, among the other games there, all will be really good.

Leathersoup3548d ago

There's no Forza Motorsport 2 in the list. :)

Satanas3548d ago

Well there are a few good games missing, but they had to narrow it to only 13.

Diselage3548d ago

Couldn't really find a bad title on there, but then again if 13 good titles don't come out from now till 2008 then the gaming industry is in trouble.

QuackPot3547d ago (Edited 3547d ago )

Lair's over-rated. Good graphics, not so good gameplay.

And to leave Forza 2 (a Micro$oft pet project) off the list is a farce let alone Killzone 2 (Sony's anticipated FPS).

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TheMART3548d ago

So that's 4 XBOX 360 exclusives in that list of 10

Plus, two titles multiplatform also on 360.

Only 2 PS3 titles and that same multiplatform one (Assassins Creed).

360 is doing good, very good in having the best content, a list that makes it clear ones again.

Satanas3548d ago

It depends more on what games you want to play when deciding which system is good for you, really.

360 and PS3 have quite a few good exclusives respectively.

elliot_3548d ago

fanatic...god bless you

ShAkKa3548d ago (Edited 3548d ago )

for god sake can you post something inteligent for a change,no wonder why you only have a bubble.
on that list are missing heavenly sword
lbp and a lot more good titles for all 3 nex-gen

UrbanJabroni3548d ago (Edited 3548d ago )

Yet for some reason you only list PS3 titles and one multiplatform game, despite closing with a "..on all 3 systems..." attempt to make it look like there is no bias. How about a Wii game if you truly feel a level of equality? 360 maybe?

It would seem that if your point was ACTUALLY to list great games on all systems, you would have done so.

ShAkKa3548d ago

that`s because i don`t get into other platform`s games i know about games for psp ps2 and ps3 and that is because i just visit the sony section of every site i visit at the end i put the other consoles because i know they have some very good games coming this year also.

WilliamRLBaker3548d ago

Rarely does bubble loss or gain coralate to actuall good posting, fanboys control this site so much, that its easy to lose or gain balloons just from pure fanboys likeing or disliking any of your statements.

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Violater3548d ago

Heavenly Sword
Ratchet and Clank FTD
killzone 2

snoop_dizzle3548d ago

heavenly sword wasn't on there.

snoop_dizzle3548d ago (Edited 3548d ago )

but i tried to stay true to the article. I am surprised GTA4 wasn't on there.

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The story is too old to be commented.