More Lost Odyssey Screens

More Lost Odyssey Screens

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TheMART4245d ago (Edited 4245d ago )

These are screencaptures of the 6 month old demo...

Not that new at all, XBOXYDE just wanted to test his new HD capture camera

EDIT: to poster below

Then why do they state this on the link that is supplied:

"Thanks to Xboxyde"

TriggerHappy4245d ago

look at the screens well and you will see that some of them are not from xboxyde.

power of Green 4245d ago

KillZone in real time the power of the 360 shines as bright as the sun. Ingame gameplay matches if not beats FF CGI but with more earth tone non cartoony graphics and these are old pics the game is 70% complete i wonder what it looks like now at 70% complete.

Lex Luthor4244d ago

old old pictures from e3 06 build