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Submitted by Bigmac573 3201d ago | news

Simpsons Game Countdown Site Revealed

Electronic Arts has put up a countdown site which just screams "The Simpsons". Also, within the page's source code, it mentions "The Simpsons: The Game". Check it out. (Nintendo DS, PS2, PS3, PSP, Wii, Xbox, Xbox 360)

T-Virus  +   3201d ago
I like the way it
is totally taking the piss out of the GTA:IV countdown.

Bigmac573  +   3201d ago
lol I hope its decent
Haven't played a good Simpsons game since SNES
OneBubbleBastard  +   3201d ago
another simpson's game??
Common no more crappy simpson's game.. we had it..

That's like Bungie releasing a Halo 4.. COMMONNNN no more crappy games please.
T-Virus  +   3201d ago
Or Sony Releasing Killzone 2?
I think everyone suffered enough after the first one.
PhinneousD  +   3201d ago
r u serious?
just because you have no skills you shouldn't dog good games.
btkadams  +   3201d ago
well the news item says that in the source code its called "The Simpsons: The Game. Obviously its based on the movie... cuz every other movie-to-game franchise calls the movie "Insert Movie Title: The Movie" and the game is always called "Insert Movie Title: The Game". lol i hope that makes sense.

but then its also a little late to be announcing a game tied to the movie whent he movie comes in like a month and a half. so hopefully its a continuation of the hit & run series. I loved the first so a sequel would be great
Extra Guy  +   3201d ago
I liked Hit & Run; short but it never got old. Please make sure that this game doesn't turn out to be a half-assed, movie port. Oh and on a side not make sure that all the sections of Springfield are one city, not 3 (with them then being reused with different times of day/contexts). Oh and better multiplayer too.
The Panther  +   3201d ago
ill buy it if its a point and click adventure like sam and max, if its like gta im out.
Odiah  +   3201d ago
That Crazy Taxi Simpsons game was epic.
Raist  +   3201d ago
Haha, excellent parody of the GTAIV countdown ! ^^
DiLeCtioN  +   3200d ago
hit and run was great fun
but i hope they add weapons or hand to hand in this game

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