Uncharted 2 Beta live Today 08/19/2009

If you didn't get a chance to play the highly exciting Uncharted 2 Multiplayer closed Beta, don't fret, because Naughty dog is re-launching the beta starting today 08/19/2009. To get access you only need to..


According to GameStop's Uncharted 2 Voucher, the beta was supposed to start 08-19-2009 and end on 09-19-2009. However after contacting Sony, and GameStop the beta has been shorted & delayed. The new start date is September 15, and ends on 09-29-2009. sorry for the confusion.

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Nitrowolf23166d ago

so wait how long is open beta? doesnn't that start on the 15th of next month? so only 4 days of open beta, that is short

sofresh2003165d ago

The beta starts September 15th, this has to be a mistake.

techie3165d ago

The beta was always starting on Sept 15th - it was even announced and posted on N4G.

jack_burt0n3166d ago

WTF they said it launches on the 15th of next month with the code and open to everyone a week before launch!?!?!?1

PirateThom3166d ago

Do the old beta downloads still work or do we need the new ones?

Nitrowolf23166d ago

what do you mean, your UC2 beta if you have downloaded it already should be in your history

jack_burt0n3166d ago

sure its a new build rather than patching the old one unfortunately.

ArcticWolfUK3165d ago

lbp and kz2 had newer builds but the old download still worked.(had to redownload it tho)

swiftshot933166d ago

If you pre-ordered at Gamestop (which I did :P), then you got an exclusive access the multiplayer beta starting tonight.


MattyF3165d ago

The GameStop site says this: Multiplayer demo will be available to download and play from 09/15/2009 to 09/29/2009.

jack_burt0n3165d ago


If it is delayed its for the best seriously a month is better to have the beta 2 wld be too much imo.

swiftshot933165d ago

you guys seem to be right.

On the back of the sticker they gave me, it says 8/19/2009 to 9/18/09. I dont know why they changed but I entered the code and its invalid. Suck for me :(

mikeant3165d ago

because i can get in..

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The story is too old to be commented.