Fat Princess Pirates

Jotstiq writes: "Yesterday, Titan Studios teased ninjas for Fat Princess. But what's a ninja to do without the help of their mortal enemies? Looks like PSN's online cake-fest will continue the ages-long saga of the epic battle between ninjas ... and pirates. Predictable? Yes, but far from unwelcome."

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Nomad10013225d ago

That would be a little nicer.

IcyJoker1873225d ago

ninjas and pirates

_vx3225d ago

really cool Pirates are da best :D

wiggles3225d ago

This is just make it a free update for us and it will be perfect....

N4G king3225d ago


what else ??

now this game > evry game out there

ChozenWoan3224d ago

zombies and or robots

basically the 4 pillars of gaming.

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