NFL Talks Exclusivity

IGN heads straight to the source to find out the latest on the videogame license.

The NFL treated a group of writers to a tour of their offices in New York the week of the draft, and while we were there, Tim Langley, the manager of consumer products for the league and the man behind the infamous EA Sports exclusivity deal agreed to answer a few questions from the pool of journalists. Here is what he had to say…

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FCOLitsjustagame4242d ago

EA doesnt have to do anything to make madden any better as long as the license is exclusive. But the NFL is probably OK with that as they have full and absolute control. They dont care about better as long as they have control.

Lacarious4242d ago

This dude is clearly planted by EA into the NFL. He's talking about how much access EA has to the real sport. Yet....... that does not help them in anyway too make a better game. either that, or they have a team of blind dev dudes checking out the highlights. I only say that because the sound on Madden usually rocks while everything else flat out sucks ars!

kewlkat0074242d ago

2K FOOTBALL will help spur competition. I vowed not to play a football game again untill 2K comes back and I've been doing great with the promise.

donscrillinger4242d ago

this guy sucks like e.a.'s rep of football