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Submitted by meepmoopmeep 2292d ago | video

PSP vs iPhone: Gran Turismo 5 vs. Real Racing

KYM writes: "We put two gameplay videos of the iPhone and PSP's top racers together to see which wheels screech the loudest.

Over at Gamescom, new footage of the PSP's upcoming new flagship game Gran Turismo 5 has been released, but how does it compare to the iPhone's own Real Racing?

We've put the latest footage from both games up against each other too see how they look against each other – Real Racing's footage is from Firemint's tech demo to demonstrate how much Real Racing action the phone 3GS can handle.

What do you think?" (Gran Turismo, Mobile, PSP)

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kapedkrusader  +   2292d ago
I've seen WAAAAY better clips showing off GT5 for the PSP...
...are they seriously trying to compare the two games? When I hit the link, I expected to see a Mohammed Ali vs. cripple kid smack down. Instead I see a pathetic showing of GT5 Portable that doesn't do it justice versus a promo video for Real Racing. This seems like a deliberate attempt to make it look like it's even close. PLEEEAAASE!
Montrealien  +   2292d ago
First off, its GT5, hands down, its looking to be the best portable racer ever, I never had any doupts PD.

however, Real Racing for the Iphone is really good for 10$, I really really enjoy it. This stupid article just wants to start a stupid flame war, but the bottom line is that they are 2 great portable racers.
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topgeareasy  +   2292d ago
here is better PSP GT gameplay
sugard0  +   2292d ago
Wow, I have Real Racing on my Ipod touch and it doesnt look that good. I dont play it that much, it gets boring after awhile and my hands start hurting. The longevity is not there in comparison to GTPSP as you can unlock cars that can be imported to GT5 on PS3.
Pizzagaki  +   2292d ago
Do you have a 3gs ?
No, then thats the reason, the 3gs is more powerful then the 3g, and thus shows better gfx.
poindat  +   2292d ago
Why are they comparing off-screen footage of actual gameplay to a promo/commercial where some enhancements have most likely been made?

Yeah, it just doesn't work.
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nycredude  +   2292d ago

WHy am I not surprised.
Neo604  +   2292d ago
get the damn iphone outta here.
iphone not even in the same league.
can't play hardcore games without buttons.
drummerx2709  +   2292d ago
GT is way better. No doubt about it
meetajhu  +   2292d ago
hahhaha GT5 actually beats the CG video of Real Racing!
zootang  +   2292d ago
Am i right in saying GT has licensed cars, so what is the point of the other game? Just an arcade racer. People out there are trying real hard
djtek184  +   2292d ago
Omg I cant believe they are comparing an iPhone racer to the psp GT. This is an embarrassment.
Saaking  +   2292d ago
Horrible comparison.
kalebgray92  +   2292d ago
gt wins but
40 cars!!!!!!!!!!!!!

thats ridiculous makes me want to get the 3gs but ill just wait for the 4g to come out next year .... you know they can have one product for over a year
TheTruth89  +   2292d ago
Well if they compare Flopza 3 instead of GT maybe iPhone game will result a Winner.... but not in this comparison

1) This sh!tty game is arcade
2) Bad Texture
3) No Buttons
4) No good Physics

It's a good competitor of Flopza, peace.
bjornbear  +   2292d ago
Would one buy a PSP for GT5 Portable? Yes.

Would one buy an iPhone 3Gs for real racing? No.

I think this article is re-tar-ded
likedamaster  +   2292d ago
Wow that iphone game r4ped GT5. ha ha. That guy playing the psp game was all over the place getting beat by a station wagon. lol

Slow day at N4G... I think I'll go play some Shadow Complex, or that Lost Planet 2 demo. 4-player co-op baby! What? ps3 doesn't get it yet? Oh, that's too bad. rofl
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WaitStation 3  +   2292d ago
"What? ps3 doesn't get it yet? Oh, that's too bad."

That's not funny. Splintercell conviction is delayed. <Now thats funny! ha ha
mrv321  +   2292d ago
Nor does the Xbox... lol lol.

That's right not every xbox has it yet so it doesn't count.
lol lol lol

Have you got anything else to do as side from a DEMO and DLC because I'm off to play inFAMOUS, MAG beta, Killzone 2... but you wouldn't know anything about content on the PS3 because your a 360 fanboy.

Oh and btw

Fat Princess

Are both good looking games(having not bought them yet) but Sony didn't make a big deal about 'summer of games' which is just like xbox live loads of mediocore games with few jems. So yeah have fun I know your ignorance will convince you to.

Oh your so cool.
lepolohuevo  +   2292d ago
Misleading title
GT5 is for PS3, that's why it kicked iPhone's ass.
GT Portable is for PSP, and yet it still kicked it.
bushgreen  +   2292d ago
40 cars in real racing and 4 in gt psp. if they used just 4 cars for real racing then the graphics would be better than gt psp by far. 3gs has double the ram than the 3g so thats why it can do 40 cars
Ju  +   2292d ago
How is it 4 cars for the PSP?
Kojima2011  +   2292d ago
I have both iPhone 3GS and current PSP. Real Racing looks and plays great. It was developed to run on the iPhone 3G but not for the 3GS. Having said that, Nobody has come close to using the new 3GS hardware. The Real Racing footage that you saw at the end of the video shown here is just a demo of what the 3GS version of the game "could" look like. Not really a fair comparison in my opinion. But as far as specs, if you look it up, the iPhone 3GS is better than the PSP. No game developer is going to waste much time developing a large game for the 3GS because of numerous reasons. If Firemint chose to, they could make a game look and play like a GT PSP... maybe even better.
SuperStrokey1123  +   2292d ago
That game looks not too bad on the ipod but not nearly as good as the GT PSP does. Lots of cars would make for a fun game i bet though. I wonder how many fps the iphone game is at, maybe 30?
arabiensoldier  +   2292d ago
I've seen some stupid articles on n4g before but this by far is the most brainless article I've seen yet
jonnyp777  +   2292d ago
No doubt this game looks good, but I have a question. Why do a lot of PSP games have what looks to me like a sort of diamond pattern across the screen? It's almost like it's a filter I'm looking through. It doesn't matter if it's a screen shot, in-game paused or in motion, racing or sports, I've noticed this pattern on a lot of games. What is it? Something to do with the lighting? Games would look a lot better if they weren't there somehow. It's bugged me for so long.

Look at this zoomed in picture of the windshield to see the pattern I'm talking about. And it's not because I zoomed it in, It's on the original too.

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widdly  +   2291d ago
Not tech demo
The Real Racing video isn't a CG video, it's an overdriven version of the game made by Firemint to show off the 3GS hardware - so it could be released one day, it's just not available now on the App Store (but then GT Mobile isn't available either!). Main difference - more cars on screen in this version of Real Racing.

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