Forza Motorsport 2 - TV Spot

They may not have rocket boosters or take hairpin turns at 400 MPH but the cars in Forza feel as real as they look.

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gta_cb4217d ago

... *thinks*.... nah!

just thinking here why your always so against the Xbox 360/ Xbox/ MS ... is it because you firstly dont like the Xbox/ 360 because your rival at school or at work has one and you dont want to be like him? and if so it must be that you cant afford a PS3 so you take your anger out on the 360 threads on here N4G? hmmmm ohwell your not a fanboy wanna be, you are just a fanboy, notice as 3 people have disagreed, and no one has agreed? lol fanboy!

willymcd4217d ago

this has been up before!

gta_cb4217d ago

i havnt seen this before, and i normally check every day for new news especially to do with forza 2 (as i want the demo lol)

gta_cb4217d ago

to be honest i think this advert is really kool! =D makes me want to buy the game, as they say the cars are not different from real cars! =D

CrazzyMan4217d ago

That was a damaged car ???
Doesn`t look very great, imo.